“Falling In Love” is a track that embodies the beauty of giving your heart to someone with sheer vulnerability and trust.

Washington, DC — May 4th, 2022-I96’s hit new single embodies a sense of hope and merriment by focusing on the sweet simplicity of loving someone and truly sharing with them the most vulnerable parts of oneself. It is this beautiful track that reminds all of us of the power of that first feeling of truly falling in love with someone.

“Falling in Love” is the eclectic artist’s third single and the title track off of his forthcoming EP. The single tells the simple story of meeting someone new and falling head over heels in a way in which those feelings resonate with the listener. This song is a continuation of the two previous singles produced by I96, “Need Someone” and “Summer Nights,” which act as a precursor to this song.

Those songs tell the story of meeting someone for the first time, the anticipation of what that could mean, the emotions of the moment, the nervous energy and excitement that brings with a beautiful blend of different melodies. With “Falling in Love” the relationship found in the previous songs is heading to new heights with newer feelings such as the excitement of learning about that new person, growing with that person, and falling in love with that person.

It is the sheer ingenious in this continuation that chronicles some of the most intimate experiences that every individual goes through even if that experience is associated with sour memories for some. I96 cashes in on the universality of these emotions to showcase their depth and splendor through soft tunes and heartfelt lyrics.

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I96 is an independent music producer based in Washington, DC. Growing up in West Michigan, the artist wants his music to capture that feeling of cruising along Interstate 96, whether driving to the beach, driving to school, going to see family and friends; the reality of beauty in mundaneness; the feeling of home.

I96 hopes that this music captures a little of that feeling and sends good summer vibes to all listeners through both message and tune. The eclectic artist’s eye for beauty in simplicity is perhaps what sets this music apart from anything else.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/i96music
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0R6PMsQI6emb8bKsc3Sbwo?si=OGie9onCSmeREyvn-zJHrw
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/i96music
Other Singles: Summer Nights; Need Someone


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