‘Irellevant’ Michelle and Barack Obama have been trolled online after they shared their favourite summer songs.

In a touching gesture to their Twitter followers, Barack tweeted a 44-song summer playlist put together by him and his wife.

His tweet , which was retweeted by Michelle, read: “With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to – some new, some old, some fast, some slow. Hope you enjoy.”

But the couple’s tweet soon drew criticism from some for their questionable taste.

One user replied: “Struggling to remain relevant, huh?”

Another user said: “Omg you are so irrelevant.”

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Another responded: “So bad, all of them.”

But there were plenty other Twitter users who thanked the couple for sharing their favourite songs.

One user said: “Heading to Spotify right now to create my Obama playlist.” 

Another said: “Barack Obama is by far America’s most adorable President. A charismatic leader who’ll forever be missed by the American people. God bless the Obama family. This his tweet raises him to a saint. I pick my saints.”

And another tweeted: “Forever the two coolest… Miss you guys and enjoy the rest of your summer.”

Michelle and Barack Obama have been attacked for their choice of music
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Some Twitter fans wondered whether Barack had stopped the list at 44 songs as a pointed out there may be a significance to the number of songs in the playlist.

One user responded: “P.s. We see what you did here Barack – Leaving off 45 is a nice burn.”

Another said: “I love it that there’s no 45. #Shade”