Moray musician channelled ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ to entertain people during lockdown

A Moray musician channelled ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ to entertain shoppers walking along a High Street.

Dave Levon, from Forres, performed in a similar setting to a scene in the popular musical by playing his guitar and singing on his house rooftop.

He followed in the footsteps of entertainers across the global who have performed on their balconies and roofs to bring some joy amid these difficult times.

Mr Levon posted a video of his performance on Facebook which clocked up more than 5,000 views.

The entertainer who usually tours pubs and other venues for gigs was “surprised” with the popularity of the video.

Mr Levon yesterday said the point of the gig was to bring some positivity to people walking along the Forres High Street.

Mr Levon added: “I often sit out on the roof to have a cup of coffee and watch folk go by.

“People kept on saying about a roof gig during this lockdown period and I thought why not as I have no gigs.

“I wanted to brighten up the world as there is zero music in pubs anymore.

“I could do it as social distancing is easy and create a bit of happiness.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and people enjoyed it and stopped wondering what is this going on here.

“It is an element of surprise for shoppers and a lot of them took videos with phones which shows I must be  doing something right.

“I didn’t expect to get that many views and thought people would do the usual banter comments however it was really positive.

“It was really fun and something different in Forres High Street and any musician who has a balcony should play there.

“It all started off in Spain and Italy with opera singers singing.”

Mr Levon hopes to make the roof gig a regular fixture to showcase his music and stand out from the crowd.

He added: “I want to turn this roof gig into a regular thing.

“Especially as the internet is loaded with lots of musicians performing in the same settings like their kitchen or living room so it was great to stand out and try something different.

“It is a good outlet to play your new material.

“You only know if your new material works if you play it in front of people as it is so different compared to just playing music in your own home by yourself.

“I have also been doing fortnightly gigs on the internet as well as I want to keep performing up during this lockdown.”