Motherland is winning plaudits not only for its hilarious comedy but also it’s upbeat and catchy theme tune.

BBC Two has a brilliant cult comedy on its hands with Motherland which returned for a second series in October 2019.

The series has earned praise for its relatable storylines and characters which are all centred around a group of seemingly ordinary mums and the gossip-filled lives they lead.

Something that has also been a huge hit among the show’s fanbase is the series’ theme music which plays at the end of each episode.

What is Motherland about and what are its future prospects?

Motherland tells the story of a group of mothers, and one dad, and joins them in their seemingly ordinary lives in a show that’s packed with plenty of charming comedy. 

The show first hit our screens back in 2018 and was quickly renewed not just for a second series but a third as well according to a 2018 Guardian interview with Anna Maxwell Martin.

Motherland’s theme tune is a hit with fans

Something that can often make or break a TV show is its theme song, something that it gets lumbered with right from the first episode until its last.

For Motherland, music artist and composer Oli Julian is the man responsible for coming up with the catchy trumpet-heavy theme music.

You know you have a good thing going when fans of the show are taking to social media to not only praise the music but ask for extended versions as well.

I love Motherland theme music/song ? I was wondering if there was an extended version available to listen/purchase somewhere?

— Dzenana Hozic (@DzHozic) October 13, 2019

Just realised that all the TV theme music that makes me dance around the living room spilling wine on the carpet is by @olijulian. Back, Plebs, Episodes, Josh and currently Motherland. Which. Is. A. Banger. Doo do do doo doodle doodle do doo.

— Benedict Collins Rice (@B_CR_) October 26, 2019

Listen to the theme tune here!

Thankfully for fans of the catchy theme tune, its creator Oli Julian has given us a link to the music on Soundcloud so, if you so wish, you can play the music on repeat.

Unfortunately, though, there doesn’t appear to be an official extended version of the music out there just yet.

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