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‘The Blessing Is On the Way’ by The Prophet featuring Quandra & Kiarra Haley is available on iTunes and virtually all other internet download/streaming sites. This song delivers a strong message of hope and optimism, encouraging us all to uphold our faith in God.

The Prophet has teamed up with the mother/daughter duo Quandra & Kiarra Haley to create a fresh, youthful sound that is sure to please the masses.

‘The Blessing Is On the Way’, the blazing new inspirational single from The Prophet (feat. Quandra & Kiarra Haley) is taking the nation by storm!

We’ve definitely experienced our share of life’s trials, but with God protecting us we’ve weathered the storms. God has faithfully blessed us far beyond our expectations. And He’s still blessing us!”

— C Joseph Briggs, a/k/a The Prophet

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2017 — Motivation and encouragement has come forth in this high-energy song that delivers messages of hope, optimism, and anticipation for better things to come. Musgrove Music Distribution, in conjunction with Concore/Universal Music Distribution, proudly announces the release of The Prophet’s new single, ‘The Blessing Is On The Way’ feat. Quandra & Kiarra Haley (Click on “Be Blessed” to download your copy right now!).

“The fact that Prophet created, produced, and recorded this song at home is mind-blowing,” says Daniel Musgrove, founder and CEO of Musgrove Music Distribution. “I thought he did this song in a multi-million-dollar studio. I’m very eager to hear what he will create next!” Whether it’s for independent artists who need management and/or promotional services; or for smaller record labels that need a distribution affiliate; Musgrove Music Distribution is a “one-stop” “go-to” resource, fulfilling the needs of artists and organizations that don’t have access to the promotional power of a major record label.

C Joseph Briggs (a/k/a, The Prophet) says this upbeat song of encouragement was inspired by his own personal testimonies of triumph from unfavorable situations. Briggs and his wife Teinasha suffered the loss of their infant daughter early on in their relationship, and they were among the multitude of people victimized by hurricane Katrina in 2005.

“We’ve definitely experienced our share of life’s trials,” says Briggs, “but with God protecting us, we’ve weathered the storms. In the midst of it all, God has faithfully blessed us far beyond our expectations. And He’s still blessing us!”

The Prophet was born in Chicago, IL to parents originally from Louisiana. The family moved back to Louisiana for ministry, and The Prophet grew up in Baton Rouge playing the piano at his dad’s church. Eventually he left home to study music in New Orleans. Up until then he studied piano, played tenor saxophone in both the jazz and symphonic bands at Baton Rouge Magnet High, and sang in the school’s choir. He was an 80’s kid who was influenced by the music of the times.

New Orleans had the greatest impact on his music. The city is rich in music and history, and young Mr. Briggs immersed himself in all of it. The diversity of musical idioms from the Crescent City is what he draws from to create his music. The single includes a blistering brass fanfare in the introduction, with an aggressive strings arrangement heard throughout the song. The music is powerful, and the lyrics reinforce the theme that faith in God brings a blessing without fail.

The Prophet wrote and produced the music, as he does for most of his material. His passion for vocal jazz harmony is heard throughout, as his influences include artists/groups such as Take 6, Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, Singers Unlimited, Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, etc. The dynamic, lush harmonies are an immense compliment to his instrumentation.

Briggs feels the vocal contribution Quandra and Kiarra Haley makes towards the recording is invaluable. “I absolutely love working with them,” says Briggs about this mother/daughter team. “They take direction well, they learn music quickly, and we recorded it with very few takes. It’s also comforting to know that they take their walk with Christ very seriously.”

Quandra Haley has her own testimony that makes the single personal for her. “When we began to work on this project, I had just suffered a miscarriage and was finishing up radiation treatment after a 2nd breast cancer diagnosis,” says Quandra. “Singing this song became my therapy. Combined with praying, and reading and hearing God’s Word, listening to this song was the spiritual medicine I needed!”

“Each time I’ve worked with Prophet, I’ve been amazed at his wealth of knowledge and talent,” says Quandra. “Prophet operates in a spirit of love, and he loves to encourage and build up people.”

Today Quandra is cancer free, and she recovered from the radiation treatment in record time. Reflecting upon her own life, her words of wisdom resonate with the song’s message. “I believe that many people are experiencing things in life that make them feel like they have no hope, or have been forgotten, or will always be down. But this song reminds us that God still cares, and that He has plans for us.”

Kiarra “Kiki” Haley greatly enjoyed her experiences with the project. “Working on this project with Prophet and my mom was fun!” says Kiarra. “I love working with Prophet. He’s like an uncle to me. He always gives me good spiritual advice and advice about life in general.”

Kiarra is a high school senior with plans to go on to college after graduation this year. “With my grades in school,” says Kiarra, “sometimes I thought I wouldn’t pass classes because the assignments were so difficult. But while working on this project, we played the song enough to remind me to have faith that God would take care of me.” Kiki feels blessed for earning straight A’s, and she is graduating with honors.

Kiarra has formed her own personal connection with ‘The Blessing’: “I love the upbeat tempo of this song. I believe other young people will like it too. The words […] remind me not to worry, or become fearful when dealing with problems that seem really bad, and that everything will be fine.”

Future endeavors for The Prophet include a full-length recording project presently in the works. Despite his eclectic approach to the musical stylings, the central theme of God’s love will not be lost. “As far as I’m concerned,” Prophet says, “my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a multi-dimensional being, with many layers of character to be revealed. In like fashion, the music should be just as diverse and multi-faceted.”

Daniel Musgrove and the entire Musgrove Music, Inc. family extends a word of sincere gratitude to Charve The Don, CEO of Concore Entertainment, for recognizing and embracing the vision of Musgrove Music Distribution, and for his hand in providing a solid platform for gospel/Christian artists to be heard, both now and in the future.

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Promotional video for The Blessing Is On the Way, by The Prophet feat. Quandra & Kiarra Haley, available on iTunes and other internet download/streaming sites.