Thousands of independent artists fight to be heard and seen in the music industry, putting their hope into a new year of possibilities.

ATLANTA , GA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2016 — With the rise of independent music rapidly growing in the music industry, industry execs have noticed the latest buzz circulating over the past few years. From what’s hot to what’s not; all ears are listening, and all eyes are watching out for the next artist to be the next big thing. However, in a sea of a million plus artists looking for a break, only a small percentage will ever get noticed. While some artists are gaining major exposure and notoriety on their own with the use of the Internet, and non-viral promotional plans, it’s causing the music industry to pay more attention. However, other artists who are just as talented, are being overlooked.

At a time when independent artists are doing all that’s possible to create their own fan base; marketing and promotions often become the challenge without the support of a major record label. And with no support from a major label at all, their career suffers from advancing to the level of fame they dream of. Although finding success beyond the Internet is challenging, there are artists who have achieved fame independently. Therefore a good number of artists do succeed.
But what becomes of an independent artist who has done all they can to get noticed, and still is unable to break out? Well look no further, two companies in Atlanta are looking to provide a platform for established independent artists, that gives them the opportunity to be heard and seen on a platform entitled Real Muzik Revisited.

LS Muzik Group and 215 Entertainment presents Real Muzik Revisited, an annual compilation CD that will encompass the best songs from independent artists in genres of Gospel, Rock, Alternative, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, R&B/Hip-Hop, and EDM to name a few. With music being the universal language that tends to speak volumes to the world, both companies hope the project will inspire the return of real music with substance, and content to the music industry. As well as bring fun, and family values back in surrounding communities.

In 2011, the two companies presented the platform along with a tour for independent artists, and the idea is to do the same for 2017. “We know there’s great talent out here that’s dying to be heard and seen, in which they have a message to deliver. But with so many challenges presented, a lot of unsigned artists that have great talent is often overlooked and left with little hope of being heard or seen, so there’s a lot of talent that never gets discovered. Our goal with Real Muzik Revisited is that we become the, “Now That’s What I Call Music” for just independent talent. We would like to be the platform that lends a helping hand for the independent artist who is just as good as mainstream artists, but can’t find the support to go to the next level of their music career. We would like major labels to look at our platform as the go-to source to discover this talent”, says Antonio Smith of 215 Entertainment.

Similar to “Now That’s What I Call Music”, but with the focus on independent artists, Real Muzik Revisited is designed for the independent artist to market their talents beyond the demographics they’re currently in. With hopes of releasing the first installment, Real Muzik Revisited: Hip Hop Vol.1, this Spring, scouting for talent is currently underway at, as the two companies prepare for the release. For more information on submitting music, please visit

Antonio Smith
215 Entertainment
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