Musicians to delight fans in online festival

published : 27 May 2020 at 04:00

Photo © What The Duck

Lately, we have seen more of both local and international musicians begin to deal with Covid-19 in their own way as seen through the growing number of online concerts and charity events streamed from their home and studios.

Most recently, the local independent record label What the Duck will be bringing these concert experiences straight to our own computer screens. Promoted as Thailand’s first digital music festival, Online Music Festival: Top Hits Thailand will allow artists and fans to meet face-to-face and interact in real-time via Zoom on June 7 from noon until late.

Online Music Festival: Top Hits Thailand is a gathering of the country’s top music acts, along with up-and-coming artists who will bring their best-known songs to the online forum. The event is called Top Hits Thailand because these are the artists’ most popular songs, with fans quite familiar with the lyrics.

Some of the artists who are participating at the special event include The Toys, Scrubb, Bowkylion, Jaylerr and Paris, Ink Waruntorn, Three Man Down, Safeplanet, Tilly Birds, Mirr, Gungun and many more who all agreed to take turns to perform live for the fans to enjoy six hours of non-stop music. In addition, the event will be joined by the esteemed concert production company, H.U.I Production, which will help transform a large studio — as tall as a three-storey building — into a magnificent concert hall, along with a giant 360-degree screen complete with lighting, colour, sound and impressive special visual effects on the same level as real concerts that support an audience of more than 5,000.