Irvine musician Sean C Kennedy releases his first EP since moving to Nashville today.

And the EP ‘Let Life Love You’ will be unveiled during a special live stream on his Youtube channel at 6pm

Sean, who played two dates at the HAC at Christmas-time, moved to the United States in 2018.

‘Let Life Love You’ explores new styles, moving away from the country-folk he presented on his debut album ‘77’ back in 2015.

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Most of the songs on this EP have a more electronic pop feel, but never lose sight of the importance of lyrics and message. Sean said it is his most personal work so far.

“Even though I might have thought to be writing about other people at the time, in the end it turns out all of the songs are about myself too”, explained Sean.

(Image: Rxch Porter)

In the eight songs on ‘Let Life Love You’ Sean shares his personal experiences of understanding life, seeing the beauty in everything and the power in vulnerability.

Title track ‘Let Life Love You’ for example, was inspired by a dream his sister had in which their gran came to her.

On the track itself you hear actual soundbites of their gran reading to their niece.

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Sean said: “Success to me isn’t measured in money or awards, but in how people perceive your music. I’m just putting it out there to connect with people.”

Since the release of the first single ‘Guilty’ in August of 2019, six of the songs of this EP have already racked up two million plays, having made it onto several Apple playlists including Apple Today, New Music Daily, Mellow Days, Acoustic Chill and more.

With today’s release of the single ‘What Is Life’, the full EP is now available for streaming and downloading on all platforms.