New Music Revue: Ulthar keep Bay Area metal tradition alive on new album

(20 Buck Spin)

The Bay Area has quite a reputation in the metal genre as being home to one of the largest and most influential thrash metal scenes in the world. To keep the tradition alive, Bay Area-based band Ulthar will release their second full-length album, Providence, on June 12.

Brutal, fast, and loud: those are the words best used to describe this album. Providence is the definition of power, aggression, and fury, given the intensity of each of the tracks on the album. Every song throws listeners right into the eye of the metal storm. The musical quality of this album is excellent, with the signatures of the death and thrash genres all accounted for: hard and exploding drum beats; fast guitar riffs; deep, growling vocals.

Although the style is not very unique and still far from extraordinary, Providence is a good album, one that metal fans should pick up this summer.