Niall Horan Finds Love in ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ Music Video
Niall Horan Finds Love in ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ Music Video

Niall Horan originally gained fame as part of the popular boy band One Direction but eventually split from the group and came out with his first solo album, Flicker. Now, two years after the initial release of Flicker, Horan is back with a catchy and empowering new solo number called “Nice to Meet Ya.” The music video also contains a few easter eggs that add to the excitement around Horan’s new release. 

The video opens with a woman sneaking out of Horan’s apartment early in the morning. Horan leans out the window shortly after she passes and cracks the joke, “Well, she’s not very good at this, she’s left her phone behind,” which cues into the music and instantly sets an upbeat and confident mood for the rest of the song. Horan then exits the apartment and struts down the street, singing to the energetic piano background, as the camera shows the story of the 24 hours leading up to the opening shot. As the day progresses, Horan continues his stride, and the camera uses various angles and turns to emphasize his confidence. The video concludes when he meets the woman in the bar and she leaves her number on a napkin.

The videography is smooth and easy to follow, and definitely complements the feeling the lyrics and music are trying to create. The song does what one would expect of a catchy, upbeat pop track, and the visual component effectively ties into the song’s overall aesthetic. While the song does a good job of creating a compelling beat and has some exciting lyrical moments, it does not take many risks or present many new ideas compared to the plethora of modern pop songs available. Still, Horan adds to the excitement around his album with an easter egg discovered by some dedicated fans. If the number shown at the end of the video is called, a message from Horan is heard confirming the release of a new album and hinting that there are four song titles from the new album hidden in the music video. 

Featured Image by Capitol Records