Paul Weller thinks he cares more about his music now than during his younger years.

Paul Weller

The 62-year-old star has suggested his musical talents haven’t waned over time because unlike some of his contemporaries, he remains as passionate about his craft as ever.

He reflected: “You’ve got to keep your tools sharp.

“The world is full of people who made great records and then tailed off, but maybe I care more now because I wasn’t as good as they were when I started. With me it’s probably worked in reverse, but there are still some great performers who are doing great work.

“The things Robert Plant has been doing have been really, really good; I’ve seen Macca and The Stones play live recently and both were absolutely brilliant.”

Weller also revealed he doesn’t struggle for creative inspiration and he didn’t have any issues with writing his new album, ‘On Sunset’.

Speaking to GQ magazine, he explained: “Everybody likes a good tune, regardless how it’s dressed up.

“Luckily, melody comes relatively easy to me – it’s a very natural part of the writing process. You’re often trying to find new ways of saying the same thing, but I can always rely on melody to see me through.”

Weller also revealed his approach to songwriting has evolved over the years.

The music icon – who first found fame as part of The Jam – said: “My moods can change in the middle of a song, but I don’t make records to upset people. I have in the past and I’ve learned my lesson.”