A Perth musician is reaching out to his fans to help fund his upcoming EP.

Chris Small (25) is looking to release his EP in the new year, and has launched an online crowdfunding campaign to help make this dream a reality.

Better known as one of the members of the popular band Bohemian Monk Machine, Chris said the EP will feature a range of musical styles, including rhythm and blues, jazz and soul.

He hopes to use the money to release the EP and go on a tour of Scotland to promote it, and says those who donate to his crowdfunding appeal will receive a copy of his music once it is released.

The former Perth High School pupil said: “Earlier in the year I released a single ‘The Good Times’ off my own back, because it was just one song.

“But a lot more work goes into an EP and to get it done right costs a fair bit of money.

“I have been recording everything in my home studio to keep the costs down.

“Some people say you should raise the money yourself by gigging, but all in all it will cost £2000.

“The benefit of crowdfunding is people can pledge money and then they will get a copy of the EP in the end, so I am treating it more like a pre-order sale.

“I am hoping to get it finished by Christmas and then release it in January, and I am then planning to do a tour of Scotland to promote it in February.”

He added: “The best way to describe it is eclectic.

Chris busy in his studio, pic by JJ Greig

“I almost didn’t put these songs together because they are so different, but people’s tastes like a lot of different music.

“There is rhythm and blues and soul music, we have a bit of a 60s vibe and explore a bit of jazz as well, and some bits are more pop.”

Chris, who is a former member of the Red Pine Timber Company and recently played alongside Roberto Cassani at Perth Theatre, continued: “I am a huge believer in positive energy.

“When you go to see a band you really like, you already have a connection there and you share this positive energy.

“That is what I am going for with this EP, it is about forming those meaningful connections.

“Crowdfunding is a direct way for me to interact with fans and thank them – anyone who contributes will get their name on the EP as a way of saying thanks, because without them this would not be possible.”

Chris said the most expensive part of releasing this EP is the mixing, which costs £800.

However, once he has raised this initial £800, he will be able to release the EP digitally.

He is then looking for a further £600 for make hard copy CDs, £400 to pay the musicians who have contributed, and £200 to cover the tour around Scotland.

Ivan Sveda on drums, Dave Shaw on bass, Callum Moodie on electric guitar and George Staniforth on keyboards all contributed to the EP.

However Chris has played everything else on the EP himself, including vocals, guitars, trombone, trumpet, percussion, accordion and some keyboards. Donate to Chris’s musical efforts at www.indiegogo.com/projects/chris-small-s-new-ep-good-vibes-soulful-groove by December 5.