As fulfilling as its namesake, “Kimchi” is a stirring new single from Yeri Hye that stays with you long after consuming it.

Ryde, NSW, Australia — November 11th, 2021 – Releasing the new single “Kimchi” from her second album “Beautiful Soul”, Yeri Hye is set make listeners feel the pulse of her music as she blends both Korean and English to create for an eclectic combination that makes you move and sway to the beat.

The dynamic new song “Kimchi”, takes its name from the popular Korean dish of the same name. Making listeners go through the euphoric experience when they first eat kimchi, the song is built up with a poppy composition that makes sure that listeners will continue coming back for repeats.

Just like how one taste of kimchi is enough to make people come back to it again for repeat tastings, the impact of the song is bound to be the same for listeners as it makes them come back time and time again.

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Yeri Hye is a Korean born, and Australia based musician, who has continually honed and developed her love for music Having migrated to New Zealand as a child, and then moved to Australia, Yeri has a plethora of rich experiences that are reflected in her music. Always wanting her sounds to be authentic and true to her experiences, Yeri has continued to create original songs that gravitate towards her lived experiences.

Growing up Yeri has dabbled in a number of activities that she holds dear to her heart from theater, to martial arts, to modeling. She has had vast experience in a number of fields, while also being a Zumba instructor from the past 5 years, using it as a channel to flow her creativity and unbridled liberty. As an art that mixes music with exercise, she was naturally drawn towards it. Despite all of this, music has reminded her of one true passion as she hopes to find success in it.


Yeri Hye
Name: Yeri Hye
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