Popular Arabic Singer Hamdan Al blaushi Rapidly Achieves Fame in Gulf and UAE
Popular Arabic Singer Hamdan Al blaushi Rapidly Achieves Fame in Gulf and UAE

Hamdan Al blaushi

Hamdan Al blaushi

Hamdan Al blaushi

DUBAI, UAE, April 30, 2019 — There are very few people under the age of 25 who do great things and achieve great milestones that many older people haven’t yet achieved.

Hamdan Al blaushi is a permanent resident of Dubai UAE and is 25 years old. He is a popular Arabic singer in his area as well as in many other areas in the Gulf. He is also a music composer and creates his own musical compositions. He is not only a singer but also a rapper, music composer and social worker. Hamdan always looks forward to opening new horizons with his songs. He’s already a well-known singer and songwriter in his homeland of Dubai UAE. Nawi ala alforga, the latest song he’s promoting, has some type of EDM influence, keeping up with the same level as the current hits on his new dance-pop charts.

Hamdan spent his entire childhood in UAE and Iran in a state of complete introversion.

‘I was very shy and never showed up on stage until my 7th standard. Slowly, I pushed myself into social gatherings more and started to wander from narrow to wider lanes and pathways of Kohalpur.’

Hamdan feels he had nothing besides himself to rely upon, songwriting became his main activity, then poems, to composition of songs and from there to rap music. He has plans for doing more, giving more in the UAE in the way of songs and hip-hop.

Hamdan performs in Dubai Mall on UAE National Day and Dalama Mall. These days he is entirely focused only on Arabic songs.

Hamdan entered into Arabic music industry with his first single Alama which was not so successful but Nawi ala Alforga is his most ambitious project yet, which now has 33 million Youtube views! Hamdan’s Youtube channel has 370k subscriber and his Instagram account 920k followers, which has helped him gain recognition and success in the Arbic Emarati Music industry.

He has already released three albums, including 33 songs so far, and has been featured with several famous Emarati singers such as Sultan saif Adel Ebrahim He is quickly becoming one of the most successful and famed singers in the Gulf and UAE.

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