Seasoned music artist John Chiti has unleashed video for his new song titled Corona Virus.

The video features hip hop legend Tommy D & music act Debbie and is set to take the industry by storm.

Chiti is a veteran artist with more than 5 years in the industry and has also collaborated with other artists.

He was born the only child with albinism in a family of six in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.

Neither side of his family had a history of albinism, so his parents couldn’t understand where he came from.

“The main question was how come.

“How could two black people have a white child?” He once said.

“The confusion I created led to the divorce of my parents, and my mother was left to raise me as a single parent,” he told news publication the other day.

Currently, John is an established musician and the executive director of the Albino Foundation of Zambia, where he advocates for the welfare and human rights of people with albinism.

John is the first person with albinism to emerge into the limelight in Zambia.

He is passionate about musical talent.

When he took part in the Mandela Washington Fellowship, John said he had plans to establish a talent development centre.

The establishment is expected and aimed at discovering, developing, producing, and promote talent in youth, thereby empowering them to earn a living.