Local band Punch Drunk Cabaret celebrates the nomination of their music video Don’t Die Until You’re Dead at the YYC Music Awards.

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Local band Punch Drunk Cabaret has come a long way since they formed back in 2010. The trio is comprised of drummer Sean Watts, bassist Twotone Teddy Roy and front man Randy Lewis Bailer.

The group was recently nominated at the YYC Music Awards for their new music video Don’t Die Until You’re Dead. Sean Watts says the process of making and filming the video was a lot of fun.

“It’s usually very long hours, long days with cast and crew,” Watts said. “It turned out to be a great video in the end.”

Watts says that although making the video was very much a collaborative process, it was lead singer and guitarist Randy Lewis Bailer who came up with the idea.

“[Randy] pitched it to us and then it just goes through a process of whether we think it can be pulled off within budget, or if there is anything that can be tweaked and tightened up. If everyone goes ahead and gives it the green light then away we go.”

The video has just over 10,000 views on the band’s official YouTube channel right now. Watts says that when the band heard their video was nominated for Music Video of the Year, they were all really excited.

“It was a surprise and a good surprise because we do have a bit of a Calgary fan base as well. So, it’s nice to be represented there.”

Watts says that the nomination was extra surprising because he didn’t realize that they were even being considered.

“I personally I wasn’t aware that we were even in the voting, I wasn’t aware that it had been given to somebody to look at so it was a big surprise to me anyway.”

Along with receiving the nomination for an award, the band also announced that they would be doing a live performance at the awards show on Sept 22 at Palace Theatre in Calgary.

“The great thing about a show is you get together acts that you wouldn’t normally get to see perform. We have more of a northern fan base in a sense so it’s great to be able to go down south and hopefully find a few more fans by playing the show,” he said.

Watts adds that the band is hard at work preparing a vinyl to release in time for Hannapalooza, along with working on a new album that they hope to release next year.

You can listen to the band’s music video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_ipDTagyzI&fbclid=IwAR0oNa0YQgePtKPSmZd8u3eQ6F7fQPehcTiu-XYqTXVU9HauHymxukI1PX0.