A Tribute To Randy Robert’s Dear Friend Gregg Allman 


Ormond Beach, Florida – May 25, 2020 –Randy Roberts came up in Florida during the ‘70s playing in various bands, two blocks from Gregg Allman. The two became best friends and before long, Randy was practicing and touring with, lending equipment to, and spending crucial, special moments with Gregg and the rest of the Allman Brothers band. During that time and beyond, Roberts toured heavily from the Southeast to Hawaii, always influenced by his Southern Rock roots. Like with many though, Roberts’ life took some turns. His pursuit of a more traditional life – that of a stable family home – may have taken him off the road but never took the road from his soul. As such, his passion for creating never wavered. In 2016 he decided it was time to get back to it. After working three years his debut, ‘Out on the Road,’ was ready to go.

‘Out on the Road’ is a tribute of sorts to Roberts’ old friend, Gregg Allman. Of course, Allman was part of the rock band the Allman Brothers Band who rose to fame in the ‘70s. Randy and Gregg never lost touch, and Gregg never failed to inspire Randy in both his personal and musical life. As Roberts sat down to write and record his debut, he and the rest of the world lost Allman in 2017. So ‘Out on the Road’ is partly an homage to his dear, late friend. After losing his biological brother and his mother, losing his childhood friend and artistic inspiration was a deep blow. You can hear this in the audible emotions of songs like “Pain I’m Going Through” and “Until the End” as well as the deeply symbolic lyric videos that Randy published for these songs, seeking out the deeply emotive editor of Synthetiquette Productions, LLC.

A dozen tracks deep, ‘Out on the Road’ transports listeners back to a time when rock music was organic, raw, and emotive. Those interested in adding new AC rock to their playlists, reviewing ‘Out on the Road,’ or interviewing Randy Roberts for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

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Randy Roberts spent three years perfecting his debut album. Now ‘Out on the Road’ is about and ready for rock fans to take in.

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