OnePlus Music Festival: November 16 will see Mumbai and indeed, India rock as the likes of Katy Perry and Dua Lipa take the stage.

There is less than a week to go for perhaps the biggest musical event of its kind on Indian shores – the OnePlus Music Festival. November 16 will see Mumbai and indeed, India rock as the likes of Katy Perry and Dua Lipa take the stage. It is something that no music lover can afford to miss. And if you are planning on being there too, well, here are seven things that we really think you need to tick on your “to-do” list for the festival.

Go get your tickets

Yes, we know that this comes right from “duhland,” but you have to BE at the Festival to be able to experience it. Which means getting tickets for it. Tickets are available online from 2019/event at Rs 3000 onwards in categories that start from bronze, go up to silver and gold and all the way to Super Fan, which gets you special merchandise and even a pre-show backstage tour. Choose wisely.

Get your gang ready

Music is all about community. So do not even think of going to the OnePlus Music Festival on your own. Get in the ears (and if need be, faces) of your relatives, friends and colleagues and make sure that it is not just you whose world is rocked when the likes of Katy Perry and Dua Lipa take the stage.

…and get ready yourself

Got your gang in place? Well, get yourself looking at your best as well. After all, you would not like to disappear among the thousands of fans in the arena, would you. So dig deep into your wardrobe to look at your best. And if your existing wardrobe does not suffice, go right ahead and buy some new clothes. You have time and hey, this sort of event happens only once in a lifetime!

Lights, OnePlus cameras, Action

There is going to be lots of action and energy at the festival, both on and off the stage. And what better way to capture it than by using the superb cameras on the OnePlus series of devices. In particular, the OnePlus 7 series come with superb 48 megapixel sensors capable of capturing detail and colour in all their glory, ultra wide cameras to ensure that you capture the entire musical landscape, and also have OIS to ensure that your videos come out absolutely steady and at their dazzling best. So yes, remember to get your OnePlus along – it is the only camera you will need – for some amazing memories.

Read up (and listen up) on the stars of the show

The Festival is going to see some of the biggest names in the musical world performing on stage. It is a fair chance that you would have heard of the likes of Katy Perry and Dua Lipa and India’s own Amit (Dev D) Trivedi and Ritviz, among others. But there’s nothing better than making a quick visit or two to the Internet to find out more about them and what their most popular numbers are. You will have a better idea of what to expect. Mind you, we bet you will still end up being surprised.

Make a playlist to sing along

Reading up about those who are going to perform is only the first step, and listening to their best work is the second. Now comes the third – grab all those tracks and put them into one playlist. Listen to them as you go to the venue, preferably on the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earphones that deliver stunning sound and great battery life (easy to see you through a day or heavy duty listening). And then when the numbers are played out loud, go right ahead and sing along. It is a music festival after all.

Be there for the pre party tours

There is more to the OnePlus Music Festival than the music festival itself. Indeed, the excitement and fun starts well before that. The Pre-Party Tours for the Festival got underway in late August itself, building up the momentum for the musical climax that the Festival promises to be. Check schedules and be a part of the party!