They are the epitome of rock and roll, with a punk rock element to their attitude that is rarely rivalled.

Providence, RI — In an industry that is super saturated with a plethora of up and coming rock and roll bands, Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 stand out as being the freshest of them all. Formed in the early fall of 2008, and based out of Providence, RI, Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 are the epitome of rock and roll music, with an attitude about them that is hardly ever matched.

The band is making waves in the industry in 2022 because they recently adopted a unique, groovy, horror-punk like element to their music. This ‘psychobilly’ music style seems to resonate with the masses, especially as they link it to the ‘Halfway to Halloween’ time of the year. If there is any phrase out there that is a testament to the band’s dedication to their brand, it definitely is ‘Halfway to Halloween’ – the 6 month or halfway point in the year before Halloween, which is sort of like Christmas in July for Tony Jones & The Cretin Crew. This time period is usually around April 30th or May 1st, and this shows the band’s excitement as they await the scariest night of the year.

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Tony Jones and the Cretin 3 is a group of like-minded individuals who aspire to create punk-rock music with undertones of psychobilly and horror.

The band won the prestigious WXIN Rock Hunt on April 23rd, 2013. Narc Clarkin remembers this historic feat in the following words: “ Think about it – there was probably some kid in the class of 2006 who went to the WXIN Rock Hunt every year of his or her college life, wondering if this was the year that The Cretin 3 broke through. This was The Cretin 3‘s year as they were going against a field of younger, less established bands, and the timing was right. Over the years, these guys had to face eventual WBRU Rock Hunt winners like VulGarrity and Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes. Another year there was a Silks vs. Boo City vs. Indiana Handshake final that was better than the WBRU card that year. It isn’t easy winning a Rock Hunt, and The Cretin 3 should savor the well-deserved glory of their victory.”

Besides creating music, Tony Jones is also passionate about hosting a podcast show. The ‘Tony Jones Show’ has well over 200 episodes, each spanning more than 50 minutes in length, available on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify!


Tony Jones & The Cretin 3
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