Right from the Roots committee meets to plan the big day. From left to right there is Kim Heatherington, Corey Brewis, Cynthia Walker, Heather Boonstra, Alana Seymour, Sandra Mueller, Jennifer Vogl and Ian Wallebeck.

A festival celebrating the storytelling power of the Tragically Hip. 

Right from the Roots Music Festival returns for its fourth year this Saturday, hoping to raise funds for Family First programming while inspiring attendees with the arts and works of the Tragically Hip. 

“More than just a band, the Hip was our band. Canada’s band. A group of poets who continue to teach us all how to live and love as Canadians through their stories, their actions and their words of wisdom,” said organizer and committee member Cory Brewis. 

The night will feature performers Joe Nolan, Geoff O’Brien, Jesse Dee, Nigel gale and Kyle Mosiuk among other special guests yet to be revealed.

Family First executive director Heather Boonstra said music is only part of the evening as there will also be a raffle, silent auction and food will be served throughout the event. There will also be a cash bar and to raise awareness around the importance of early childhood development a special treat. 

“We asked the artists what their favourite childhood snack was and we plan on serving it throughout the evening,” she said. 

Boonstra also said while her and co-creator Kim Heatherington love music festivals and it was this love that caused them to push for the first Right to the Roots festival, raising money through a music festival is more difficult than it first seems.  

“We love live music. Music is one of the world’s oldest forms of storytelling. It’s such a good fit for the values of Families First where we are first and foremost story listeners. The two of them just go together,” Boonstra said. 

The expenses of the event were troubling at first to Boonstra, but she said with sponsorship and support of the community they ensured the first festival got off the ground. Now they are on number four. 

“It’s growing steadily every year, we haven’t sold out yet but we are hoping to sell out this year,” she said. 

The event takes place at Fort Saskatchewan Heartland Ford dealership on Saturday. The all ages show has its doors open at 7 p.m. music begins around 9 p.m. and will continue until midnight. 

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