A strange witches brew of punk rock hip hop experimentalism – ‘Sons of the Sun’ the debut album from Satellites In Orbit.

New York, NY – Satellites In Orbit – S.I.O. for short – has released an album that doesn’t easily fit in a single box.

Look to songs like “All Around the World” or “That’s True” for their version of pure hip hop dressed in a spiked jacket.

Listen to “Trigger Piggy” – the protest song of summer 2021 – or “Welcome to the Riot” for their punk rock roots thinly veiled behind a hip hop track.

Deeper in the album songs like “Final Boss” glorify the golden age of gaming, while “Shine” dives head first into the topic of raising a child with special needs.

This album bumps speakers, with a vibe for most any occasion, and the imagery within the lyrics hits a high watermark in the genre.

‘Sons of the Sun’ is available on all streaming services starting July 4th, 2021.


“Original in a sea of copycats. A pair of Artists that have a sound that is completely their own. Whether you like it or not, they don’t care.”



“Their creativity is going to cause a great stir in the rap game. You do not want to miss this greatness.”

Audible Addixion


“A fun answer to the question  – “What does Hip Hop made in space sound like””

Your EDM


“A Trippy Galactic Odyssey”




What started in Las Vegas, NV with rival punk bands playing dusty desert shows has blossomed into a lifelong friendship and some seriously weird wired connections from brain to brain.

DATACRON (Patrick Laundrie) lives in Newport, Oregon surrounded by wilderness with a very off the grid approach to life.

DRGS (Adam Rushfield) lives in the heart of NYC and only has to go out of his front door for access to any and everything.

Their duality and distance could easily be a hindrance for creativity, but when their two brains connect as one – space and time melt into a strange witches brew of punk rock hip hop experimentalism that is not to be missed.

From coast to coast and all around the world – Satellites in Orbit – too distorted to board it.





Satellites In Orbit


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