Radhika Hariharan, Nalini Sadagopan, Seetha Madabhushi lighting the lamp accompanied with Vedic chanting by Seeshu Swami, Yadagiri Swami

Global Creative Arts Academy (GCAA) uniquely presented this year’s Tansen Tyagaraja Music Festival at Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple, Cultural Hall in Sugar Land on Sunday, September 22 in collaboration with Classical Arts Society (CAS), which is Houston’s one of the very first organization to promote Indian Classical Arts and in association with Telugu Cultural Association (TCA). This is GCAA’s third year to organize annual Tansen-Tyagaraja Music and Dance Festival and GCAA is very honored and happy to collaborate with these two major organizations of Houston.

The event began with lighting the ceremonial lamp! The both organization’s members Radhika Hariharan,, Nalini Sadagopan, Seetha Madabhushi and Vedic chanting by Sriman Yadagiri Swami, Seeshu Swami and Rangarajan Swami.
Seetha Madabhushi (Founder/CEO of GCAA), Master of Ceremony has talked about the concept of Tansen-Tyagaraja Music and Dance Festival. Usually Tansen and Tyagaraja festivals are being conducted separately in different cities around the world. This is the only festival where names of both the Saints are bring together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of North and South Indian music jointly.

K.V. Prasad, A. Kanyakumari, Vithal Rangan and Somanth Roy

Hindole Majumdar, Gaurav Mazumdar, Indradeep Ghosh and Somanth Roy

The concert began with Hindustani music. The artists for the evening were Gaurav Mazumdar, a Grammy nominated and a senior disciple of legendary Sitarist Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar on Sitar, Indradeep Ghosh who is titled as “Prince of Violin” and Artistic Director of GCAA on Violin, Hindole Majumdar on Tabla, who occupies a commendable position amongst the tabla players of his generation and Somanth Roy, truly a name to reckon with in the select band of versatile percussionists on Ghatam. The concert has begun with Raag Yeman. They played Alaap, Jod, Jhala followed by a composition in Jhap Taal of ten beat rhythmic cycle and drut teental of sixteen beat rhythmic cycle. Their presentation of pure Dhrupad style music which is the characteristic of Tansen’s musical genre combined with complex rhythmic patterns and melody. Their presentation was marked with great understanding of complimenting each other musically which made it truly remarkable and mesmerizing experience to the listeners. They concluded with very famous bhajan “Vaishanava Janato”.

Violin CD release of Indradeep Ghosh by A. Kanyakumari, & Dr. Rangarajan Madabhushi (CFO of GCAA)

Presenting “Mridanga Prabhacharya” to Dr. Smt. Rathna Kumar by Seetha Madabhushi (Founder/CEO of GCAA)

Carnatic segment of artists for the evening Padma Shri and Sangita Kalanidhi Vidushi A. Kanyakumari on Violin, she is the the first lady violinist to receive the prestigious Sangita Kalanidhi award. She was accompanied on Mridangam Kalaimamani K.V. Prasad, on Ghatam by Somnath Roy and she was supported on Violin by her disciple Vittal Rangan. The concert has begun with traditional raag Hamsadhwani “Muladhara Murthi” a composition of Sri Papanasham Sivan then raags Khamas, Reettjigoula and Karaharapriya which were elaborated in a mind-blowing presentation. “Emani Talachavachu” a composition of Annamacharya and set to ragam Venkatadri this ragam was created by A. Kanyakumari ji. The concert has concluded a traditional Mangalam. What an enthralling performance by A. Kanyakumari ji and interaction with Guru and Shisya was very exciting
On this special day of Tansen-Tyagaraja Music Festival, Indradeep Ghosh has made a history in Indian Classical Music by releasing the first-ever commercial Viola recording by any Indian Violinist. The album “Tribute to Miyan Tansen on Viola” is produced by Global Creative Arts Academy (GCAA). The album was released by Padma Shri & Sangita Kalanidhi A. Kanyakumari and Dr. Rangarajan Madabhushi (CFO of GCAA).

This album is unique as Viola is not common instrument for Indian classical music. Indradeep has taken the initiative to popularize and spread this instrument in Indian Classical Music. Both the ragas in this album are created by Miyan Tansen. Raag Todi which is a morning raaga and Darbari Kanada which is a late-night raga.
In loving memory of Late Smt. Prabhavati Devi Tamirisa who was the first female Mridangist of India and her immense love and respect for fine arts, Global Creative Arts Academy has created an award called “Mridanga Prabhacharya”. Each year an artist par excellence is honored for their achievement, dedication and contribution in their field of music and dance. This year the title was awarded to Dr. Smt. Ratna Kumar who is an internationally renowned danseuse, teacher and choreographer, and the Founder-Director of the Anjali Center for Performing Arts.
Tansen-Tyagaraja Music Festival 2019 was a grand success. The audience have commented positively “memorable event”, “great experience”, “divine presence”, “very soothing to ears”, “great atmosphere” “serene music and place” and “nice food”. The audience have left with a great memorable experience and everyone is looking forward for next year’s Tansen-Tyagaraja Music and Dance festival. GCAA would like to thank CAS, TCA and all those who involved in this event.
Report by
Seetha Madabhushi
Founder/CEO of GCAA