MIAMI-DADE CO., Fla. (WSVN/CNN) – A South Florida teen faces a felony charge, after posting a music video on Instagram in which he appears to threaten several high schools in the area.

The suspect’s father said he was appalled by the images from the video. (Source: WSVN, Tik Tok, Miami State Attorney’s Office, CNN)

They include Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a gunman killed 17 people and injured 17 others in a mass shooting on Valentine’s Day 2018.

He’ll keep shooting “’til the bullets are all gone,” says the man in the song. Students are seen on the social media site TikTok using their hands to blast away at rival schools.

When the gunshot sound effect comes in on the track, the school’s name disappears from the screen.

“That’s just something that you don’t post about, make jokes about,” one student said.

The post led to jail for a Christopher Columbus High School student. The 16-year-old was picked up by police after he was seen mock-firing at the names of schools like La Salle, Belen and MSD.

Other students across sections of Miami-Dade County made similar videos but were not arrested. Miami cops picked up the teen, and he’s suspended from school.

Orlando Valdes, the suspect’s father, said he was appalled by the images from the video. He called the video and the posting out of character for his son, but he also talked about how damaging the posting is for everyone else.

“Horrible, horrible representation of himself, his family, his community, his friends,” Valdes said. “Now he’ll be identified as a person that made a 10-second video with horrible ramifications.”

His son faces the felony charge of a written threat to kill or cause bodily injury. He said he’s had several discussions with son on the matter, emphasizing the severity of his actions.

The suspect is set to appear in court in two weeks.

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