Monticello, Kentucky — Given the right opportunity Dark-e-Bones will gain music fame. Formerly, known as Shawn Henry and raised a KY country boy. Survival was ingrained in my situation and music was my escape and my anchor to get through life’s tough times. Now if I can get my one moment then I will rock the world. So all you producers and publishers will eventually catch on to my new sound. Why not give a country boy a shot at playing my music so I can finally get the attention needed to take my music to the top!

Music is something we all carry in our souls and we rely on it to anchor us in life’s storms

Pay attention and look in the places less likely to hold the gifts we are given and always keep your head up. My opportunity will come and my new sound will gather crowd’s

I have been inspired by everything from blues to rock rap and r&b

Give me this opportunity? Be the first to have Dark-e-Bonez do a real professional show. I’d like to appear Jimmy Falon and performan

Any chance to get my music out there




Dark-e-Bones AKA Derrick Henry is originally from Monticello KY and now lives in Wise VA. As an artists who is now 49 years old nothing matters when it comes to age except for music and the music flows from his soul like a musical fountain spouting notes all around the land


Name: Derrick Henry
Address: 7537 Orby Cantrell HWY Wise VA 24279
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9312612724
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