Posted May 29, 2020 9:50 am

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[Summer encore season. Here’s a chance to enjoy some episodes you may have missed. Meanwhile, more podcasts are going up weekly, so keep your subscription open. – AC]

If you’ve ever seen Sum 41 perform live, they seem larger than life. Big. Loud. Brash. In your face. Very punk rock. And out from is Deryck Whibley who whirls around like a man possessed. It all makes for a great show.But in person, Deryck is life-sized. He moves carefully and takes care to sit up straight because of a chronically bad back. The way he drinks his tear makes him appear almost…delicate.But get him talking about Sum 41, he’s super-enaged. As the only permanent member of Sum 41, his is the band. So when I wanted to talk about where this group came from and how things have evolved over a quarter centure, he’s really the only guy I needed to talk to. And man, we talked.This is part 1 of the Sum 41 story according to frontman Deryck Whibley part 1.Songs heard on this show (all songs by Sum 41 except where noted)Never ThereSummerMakes No DifferenceFat LipIn Too DeepStill WaitingThe Hell SongIggy Pop feat. Sum 41, Little Know It AllWe’re All to BlamePiecesNo ReasonEric Wilhite has created this playlist for us.

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