For the love of music, Max Yeoh offers a collection of CDs and vinyls at De Music Shoppe in Ipoh. ― Pictures by Farhan Najib

IPOH, Aug 13 ― In a secluded corner on the ground floor of Bangunan Seri Kinta here, lies a small unassuming shop.

With neon lights welcoming its patrons, De Music Shoppe which has been in operation for nearly three decades is a haven for music lovers and audiophiles alike offering not just compact discs, but also a selection of vinyl records for sale.

“I used to work as a deejay previously and music was my interest, hence it was only natural for me to sell CDs and vinyl once age caught up,” owner Max Yeoh shared with Malay Mail.

In the age of digital music and the ever popular option of streaming, he insists the appeal, and demand for vinyls especially ― is undeniable due to the quality of sound.

“Good sounds cannot be replicated in streams,” he said.

During the interview, Yeoh played a vinyl and aand explained that the sound of vinyl records was warmer and more natural.

“It sounds like the singer was singing next to you where the sound of a CD is ‘cleaner’.”

Yeoh's shop carries mostly English and Chinese titles, but he also has a small selection of Malay titles.Yeoh’s shop carries mostly English and Chinese titles, but he also has a small selection of Malay titles.

As Yeoh caters to a niche market, the price of vinyl and CDs sold at his shop can be a little pricey, especially with hard to find and collectible titles.

“For a CD the going price is from RM250 while some vinyl that come in box set are sold at RM600.”

Yeoh sources his supply directly from recording companies and independent suppliers.

“When there is a new release, recording companies will send a global email to us and if we are interested, we will book them.”

The 63-year-old explained that for an enthusiast, they would not mind spending huge amounts of money to get the tools just for the sound.

“I have a client whose speaker itself cost him RM800,000 without taking into consideration the turntable and amplifiers.”

“So what is a few hundred ringgit for the vinyl and CDs. To each his own,” he said, noting that his collection of vinyl and CDs are imported.

While Yeoh’s shop carries mostly English and Chinese titles, he also carries Malay titles.