Rockers Icon For Hire perform Nov. 5 at Top CatsProvided by Top Cats


BLIND LEMON – Tom Roll. 8 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

*BOGART’S – Ice Nine Kills with Fit for a King, Light The Torch, Make Them Suffer and Awake At Last. 6 p.m. Rock. Sold out.

CAFFÈ VIVACE – Blue Wisp Big Band. 8 p.m. Big Band Jazz. $10.

HILTON NETHERLAND PALM COURT – Jim Connerley Trio. 6 p.m. Jazz. Free.

KNOTTY PINE – Dallas Moore. 10 p.m. Country. Free.

*MOTR PUB – Bi with Siren Suit and Madqueen. 10 p.m. Indie Rock. Free.

REVEL OTR URBAN WINERY – “The High Note.” 8:30 p.m. Jazz. Free.

*RIVERFRONT LIVE – Michael Franti & Spearhead. 8 p.m. Hip Hop/Soul/Pop/Roots/Rock/Various. $30.

STANLEY’S PUB – Blue Eyed Bettys and River Snout. 9 p.m. Bluegrass/Folk. Cover.

*TAFT THEATRE – Boz Scaggs. 7:30 p.m. Rock/Pop. $38.50-$63.50.

URBAN ARTIFACT – It’s Alive! – A Halloween Recital featuring Jess Pinkham, Ariadne Antipa, Brooke Ten Napel, Aaron Brant, Amy Lassiter and Alex Dick. 6:30 p.m. Classical/Chamber/Various.


ARNOLD’S BAR AND GRILL – Philip Paul Trio. 7:30 p.m. Jazz. Free.

BLIND LEMON – Mark Macomber. 8 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

CAFFÈ VIVACE – El Ritmo De Mañana. 7:30 p.m. Latin Jazz.

COMMON ROOTS – Open Mic. 8 p.m. Various. Free.

DELHI PUB – Rockne’s Open Mic. 9 p.m. Various. Free.

HILTON NETHERLAND PALM COURT – Steve Schmidt Trio. 6 p.m. Jazz. Free.

KNOTTY PINE – Kenny Cowden. 9 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

*MOTR PUB – Human Heart with War on TV and Tooth Lures a Fang. 10 p.m. Indie Rock. Free.

 *NORTHSIDE TAVERN – Season of the Witch: Halloween Covers featuring Molly Sullivan, Emily Ash and members of Appaloosa, Sky Hank, The Guitars, Jess Lamb & the Factory, The Ophelias and more. 9 p.m. Alt/Indie Rock. Free.

*SCHWARTZ’S POINT – Society Jazz Orchestra’s Halloween Party. 8:30 p.m. Jazz. $10.

*SOUTHGATE HOUSE REVIVAL (LOUNGE) – Veronica Grim. 9:30 p.m. Roots. Free.

*SOUTHGATE HOUSE REVIVAL (SANCTUARY) – Elizabeth Cook & Will Hoge. 8 p.m. Roots/Country/Americana. $22, $25 day of show.

*STANLEY’S PUB – Halloween Party with See You in the Funnies and Extansion. 9 p.m. Rock/Jam. Cover.

*THOMPSON HOUSE – Uncut Republic’s Haloween Haunted Mansion with Eptic, Brondo, Gardella, Vice Versa and Ski Patrol. 9 p.m. EDM. $25-$35.

WASHINGTON PLATFORM – Grassroots Ramble. 8 p.m. Bluegrass. $10 (food/drink minimum).


BLIND LEMON – Tallant & Harmony. 9 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

BLUE NOTE HARRISON – Uncle Kracker. 7 p.m. Pop. $25-$35.

BOGART’S – Blue October. 8 p.m. AltRock. $29.50.

BROMWELL’S HÄRTH LOUNGE – Steve Schmidt Trio. 9 p.m. Jazz. Free.

CAFFÈ VIVACE – Triage. 8:30 p.m. Jazz. Cover.

*CAMP SPRINGS TAVERN – Ohio Valley Salvage. 8:30 p.m. Rock/Roots.

*FRETBOARD BREWING COMPANY – Root Cellar Xtract. 8 p.m. Country/Rock/Roots. Free.

JAG’S STEAK AND SEAFOOD – The Whammies. 9:30 p.m. ’80s Pop/Rock. Cover.

JIM AND JACK’S ON THE RIVER – Deuces Wild. 9 p.m. Country. Free.

KNOTTY PINE – Flatline. 10 p.m. Rock. Cover.

*LUDLOW GARAGE – 999 and The Clap. 8:30 p.m. Punk. $20-$30.

*THE MAD FROG – Día del Bajo featuring Tangled Branches, Vusive, Mr. Scissors and more. 9 p.m. Electronic/Bass/Dance. Cover.

MANSION HILL TAVERN – Leroy Ellington. 9 p.m. Blues/Soul. Cover.

MEMORIAL HALL – Asleep at the Wheel with The Quebe Sisters. 8 p.m. Country/Western Swing/Americana. $20-$45.

*MOTR PUB – Coastal Club and Young Colt. 10 p.m. AltPop/Rock. Free.

*NORTHSIDE TAVERN – Season of the Witch: Halloween Covers featuring Freedom Nicole Moore, Elsa Kennedy and members of Slow Glows, Madqueen, Heavy Hinges, Young Heirlooms and more. 9 p.m. Alt/Indie Rock. Free.

*NORTHSIDE YACHT CLUB – Harley Poe with The Homeless Gospel Choir and Old Pictures/New Pictures. 8 p.m. Folk/Rock/Punk.

PLAIN FOLK CAFE – The Goldsberrys. 7:30 p.m. Folkgrass. Free.

RADISSON CINCINNATI RIVERFRONT – Basic Truth. 8 p.m. R&B/Soul/Funk. Free.

RICK’S TAVERN – The Menus. 10 p.m. Rock/Various. Cover.

SCHWARTZ’S POINT – Gene Marquis with Pat Kelly & Lou Lausche. 8:30 p.m. Jazz. Cover.

SOUTHGATE HOUSE REVIVAL (REVIVAL ROOM) – Darity, Michael Andrew Spalding and A.P.M. Music. 7 p.m. Indie Pop/Rock. $10, $12 day of show.

*SOUTHGATE HOUSE REVIVAL (SANCTUARY) – Ian Noe with Sierra Ferrell. 9 p.m. Folk/Americana. $10, $12 day of show.

*STANLEY’S PUB – Terrapin Moon. 10 p.m. Grateful Dead tribute. Cover.

TAFT THEATRE – Rumours of Fleetwood Mac. 8 p.m. Fleetwood Mac tribute. $27.50 -$44.50.

TOP CATS – William Duvall. 8 p.m. Rock. $20.

WASHINGTON PLATFORM – Hal Malia Quartet. 9 p.m. Jazz. $10 (food/drink minimum).

*WOODWARD THEATER – Jazzed About Art presented by Art Beyond Boundaries featuring Art Gore & The Jazz Knights. 7 p.m. Jazz. $75.


ARNOLD’S BAR AND GRILL – Cincinnati Dancing Pigs. 8 p.m. Americana/Jug band. Free.

BLIND LEMON – Zack & Corey. 9 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

*BLUE NOTE HARRISON – Trapt, Saliva, Sponge and Tantric. 6:30 p.m. Rock.

BROMWELL’S HÄRTH LOUNGE – Brian Lovely with The Steve Schmidt Trio. 9 p.m. Jazz. Free.

CAFFÈ VIVACE – Ron Jones Quartet. 8:30 p.m. Jazz. Cover.

COLLEGE HILL COFFEE CO. – Ricky Nye. 8:30 p.m. Blues/Boogie Woogie. Free.

FRETBOARD BREWING COMPANY – The Whammies. 8 p.m. ’80s Pop/Rock. Free.

JAG’S STEAK AND SEAFOOD – Gee Your Band Smells Terrific. 9:30 p.m. ’70s Pop/Rock/Dance. Cover.

JIM AND JACK’S ON THE RIVER – Buzz Bin. 9 p.m. Rock. Free.

KNOTTY PINE – Flatline. 10 p.m. Rock. Cover.

*LUDLOW GARAGE – Hiroshima 40th Anniversary Show. 8 p.m. Jazz. $35-$65.

THE MAD FROG – AK1200 with DJ ODI, Nicro and Fatchick. 9 p.m. EDM. $10.

*MADISON LIVE – The Dude Ranch: Blink 182 Tribute. 8 p.m. Pop Rock. $10, $15 day of show.

MANSION HILL TAVERN – Prestige Grease. 9 p.m. Blues. Cover.

*MEMORIAL HALL – Jonathan Edwards and Jon Pousette-Dart. 8 p.m. Singer/Songwriter.

MOTR PUB – Josie Dunne with Jane Decker and Brooklyn Rae. 10 p.m. AltPop. Free.

PADRINO – Chris Comer Trio. 8 p.m. Jazz. Free.

PEECOX ERLANGER – Saving Stimpy. 9:30 p.m. Rock. $5.

*PLAIN FOLK CAFE – Jim Pelz and the Firewalkers. 7:30 p.m. Americana. Free.

RICK’S TAVERN – Prizoner. 10 p.m. Rock. Cover.

*RIVERFRONT LIVE – ENMY. 8 p.m. Rock. $10.

SCHWARTZ’S POINT – Phil DeGreg Trio with Kiko Sebrian & Giovanni Sena. 8:30 p.m. Jazz. Cover.

*THE SOUTHGATE HOUSE REVIVAL – MentoringPlus Music Festival with Mike Reid, The New Lime, The Leftovers, The Diversions, Judges, Electric Indigo, Jake Walz, G Miles and the Hitmen and more. 4 p.m. Rock/Various. $25-$100.

STANLEY’S PUB – Seconds 2 Surrender. 10 p.m. U2 tribute. Cover.

*TOP CATS – Leftover Crack. 7:30 p.m. Punk. $18.

WASHINGTON PLATFORM – Pat Kelly Quartet. 9 p.m. Jazz. $10 (food/drink minimum).


BLIND LEMON – Jeff Henry. 8 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

LATITUDES BAR & BISTRO – BlueBirds. 8 p.m. Rock/R&B. Free.

*MOTR PUB – Alfred Banks with Santino Carleon and Jay Hill. 8 p.m. Hip Hop. Free.

SCHWARTZ’S POINT – Marcelo Silviera & Guest. 6 p.m. Jazz. Cover.

*SOUTHGATE HOUSE REVIVAL (REVIVAL ROOM) – Dylan Holland. 8 p.m. Pop. $15.

WASHINGTON PLATFORM – Traditional New Orleans Jazz Brunch with 2nd Line Jazz Trio. 11:30 a.m. Jazz. $10 (food/drink minimum).

WESTSIDE VENUE – Blues Jam with Jimmy D. Rodgers and Lil Al Thomas. 7 p.m. Blues. Free.


BLIND LEMON – Ben Armstrong. 8 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

CAFFÈ VIVACE – CCM Combo Night. 7:30 p.m. Jazz.

MCCAULY’S PUB – Open Jam with Sonny Moorman. 7 p.m. Blues/Various. Free.

*TAFT THEATRE – The Japanese House with Our Girl. 8 p.m. Indie Pop. $18, $20 day of show (in the Ballroom).


ARNOLD’S BAR AND GRILL – John Redell. 7 p.m. Blues. Free.

BLIND LEMON – Nick Tuttle. 8:30 p.m. Acoustic. Free.

BREWRIVER CREOLE KITCHEN – The Twirlers. 7 p.m. R&B/Classic Pop/Standards. Free.

CAFFÈ VIVACE – Lynne Scott, Lee Stolar and Lou Lausche. 7:30 p.m. Jazz.

*STANLEY’S PUB – Trashgrass Troubadours with Georgia Rae. 9 p.m. Bluegrass/Folk. Cover.

*TOP CATS – Icon For Hire. 7:30 p.m. Rock. $17-$79.

*U.S. BANK ARENA – Tool with Killing Joke. 7 p.m. Progressive/Metal/Post Punk/Rock. $75-$125.

*WOODWARD THEATER – Lucy Dacus with Liza Anne. 8 p.m. Indie Rock. $15, $18 day of show.

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