Artist’s New Music Mixes Rock and Pop

San Jose, CA – August 25, 2020 – Tony Bautista has taken his latest creative burst to create new rock hits for 2020. Tony has written and produced new rock and pop hybrids that are sure to have listeners turning up the speakers.

Songs such as “Always Will” and “La Honda Road” are catchy rock and pop tunes that seamlessly blend the two genres. Tony’s music is full of meaningful lyrics that showcase his ability as a songwriter. His songs are relevant to today’s world and will connect with listeners of all ages. Tony’s music is available on iTunes and other music websites.

Tony Bautista is an experienced musician who enjoys writing and recording original songs. Tony plays the following instruments: lead, rhythm and bass guitar, keyboards, and drums. He also performs vocals and enjoys collaborating with other musicians. Tony strives to write songs with meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies.

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