Lok Bista

How many of you know where does the rapping start? Well, after many debates and according to sources we found it started way back in the 19th century.

What does rapping exactly mean? Have you ever thought, what does this music say? It means to hit; you can deliver rhymes, poetry or your heart feeling rhythmical. It is similar to hip hop music, but it is of a different style. Right now if you write Rapper only name which comes in google is Eminem, who is one of the most famous rappers of the world.

In India, we have Honey Singh, raftaar, Badshah and now one more talent who is going to rock the rapping world with his style and voice Lok Bista (Loka Music). He is a young talent who comes from Mumbai’s gullies and real musician who speak his heart out in his music.

If you are living in Mumbai, then you would have surely listened to his music. He is an exceptional talent which is even appreciated top rapper Raftaar. He has that style and music sense which rapper should have.

Right now he is part of Splitsvilla show which comes on MTv. It is an excellent platform for Lok Bista to showcase his talent in the show. Yes, it is not a Rapping show, but still, this show is about entertaining, and he can showcase his expertise in the show. It will be win-win for the show and him specially.

If Lok Bista does good in the show than he has a full chance of getting offers from various channels and producers to produce a Rap song like Honey Singh and Badshah and all do.

Lok Bista can come up with Lovely cars, girls around chains on the stylish neck cap and groovy music. Lok Bista can even become more famous than current rappers as he is handsome and young.

Loka’s energy voice and music can make no.1 in Indian Rapping world. Yes, it looks dreamy, but it is possible as he has that X-factor in him which can take him to the top of the table.

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