The Atlanta music scene has produced innovators from a multitude of genres over the years, including OutKast, Deerhunter and Omni. Despite any fame that may come to these bands, Atlanta maintains a tight-knit, creative scene filled with indie bands and artists.

As diverse and deep as the music culture may be in the city, the vast suburbs of Atlanta have a culture all to their own. With close observation, it is evident that Kennesaw State is home to some of the rising, creative and ambitious artists who are trying to establish themselves as a part of the Atlanta art scene.

“Twelve25” is a rising star in the underground sound of Atlanta, consisting of Kennesaw State students Carlton Nyandebvu and Noah Schmitz, in addition to band members Claire Adams, James Roberto and Malik Nasir.

They honored their humble beginnings by naming the band after their former studio — Adams’ U Club apartment.

The band released their debut album “Ease” on June 4. The record creates a mellow feeling through dreamy instrumentals and witty lyrics that bring forth nostalgic feelings.

Seamlessly blending playful yet sincere lyrics creates the almost contradictory song, “Michael Bieber.” Though the title of a song is derived from an odd meme, the song’s sweet melody recounts the challenges of accepting the effects of change.

Guitarist for Twelve25, Noah Schmitz at the Drunken Unicorn. Photo credit: Photo Courtesy of Tanner Rowan

“What’s so special and unique about our dynamic is that we never try to make anything,” Adams said. “It just happened, and we were all empathizing with each other and understanding where [we were] at so we can express ourselves together through this music. And I’ve never met any other group where I can do that.”

Twelve25 is only able to create this dynamic by having the same harmony within their friendship as they do in their music. The group demonstrates this harmony as they sing high praise for each other through their undulating roles. Members share ideas through a tight-knit bond that allows them to create a consistent shift from song to song.

“Trust is a big thing,” Nasir said.

The members of the group are able to connect well with each other and their audience by conveying authenticity. They stay true to their backgrounds and upbringings, recognizing their upbringings outside of the Atlanta area by recounting the suburban worries of daily life.

“We don’t try to be anything we’re not,” Adams said. “We try not to bring our egos into it.”

Up next for Twelve25 is a performance at the Drunken Unicorn Friday, Nov. 15.

Ease is available on all streaming services. For updates follow their Instagram @twelve.25.