Beautiful musical instruments, custom furniture and striking lighting pieces find pride of place here

Universal Music India (UMI) is part of the Universal Music Group, an American-based, French-owned multinational music corporation. UMI’s office in Mumbai is located in Bandra Kurla Complex and designed by Richa Bahl, principal designer of Richa Bahl Design Studio.

Universal Music India, Mumbai: Character-Filled Spaces

The 8000-square-feet office showcases brightly coloured framed photos of Universal Music Group’s artists, vibrant upholstery, fun graphics and distinctive gathering spaces. “Universal Music Group is dedicated to producing music and works with artists, writers and other creative people. The office reflects the personality of its people and offers great flexibility and options for gathering areas. This one-of-a-kind place also houses a large performance area which is used for various events and activities and also for meetings,” says Bahl.

mumbai-Universal-Music-India-richa-bahl_1The office is designed such, that it represents the personality of the people and what the company stands forUniversal Music India, Mumbai: Melodious Paradise

A vibrant reception featuring Universal Music Group’s logo and a spectacular chandelier, welcomes visitors to the music-themed space. Miniature versions of musical instruments such as a violin, a dholak and a tabla dot the area. As you walk through the hallways, you are reminded of all the fabulous artists that are a part of the company.

Universal Music India, Mumbai: Performing Arts

As you enter past the reception, the first space you encounter is a dedicated performance area. The flooring is made of micro concrete, while the rest of the office has wooden flooring. This helps separate this space from the rest of the office. This expansive room features a small auditorium-style seating section and a wooden elevated stage for live performances. It also has a chic bar constructed in black marble.

Universal Music India, Mumbai: Eclectic Interiors

The rest of the office has white cubicles, small meeting rooms, two conference rooms, a cafeteria and cabins for senior management. Managing Director, Devraj Sanyal’s cabin reflects comfortable leather sofas, a bookshelf with awards and personal collectibles, a piano, a desk, a bright blue storage cabinet and a captivating painting from an artist in Bali. The office also has a recording room.

Universal Music India, Mumbai: Crimson Conversations

Red is the colour of Universal Music Group and is used on the walls of one of the conference rooms. This space houses a large wooden table with stylish chairs, a TV and framed pictures of Universal Music Group’s artists.


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