The first Halo game from the Master Chief Collection for PC is releasing less than a week from now, and even Valve has jumped in on the celebrations. Valve’s own popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is getting a cosmetic Sticker Capsule as well as a music pack themed around Halo, all arriving as part of a cross-promotion with 343 Industries.

The Halo Capsules are now available to purchase from the CSGO in-game store for $0.99 apiece. After acquiring, players can apply them onto guns for customization purposes. See the entire set below:

Today we’re excited to ship the @Halo Sticker Capsule in CS:GO! As an added bonus, users who purchase and play The Master Chief Collection on Steam will receive an exclusive Halo Music Kit in CS:GO.

— CS:GO (@CSGO) November 26, 2019

The Halo music pack isn’t an in-game purchase, as only owners of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam can acquire it. Those who purchase the collection at any point via the Valve platform and put in at least five hours of playtime will get the music pack, with its highly recognizable tunes, in CSGO as a bonus. Head over here to listen to what’s included in this pack in full.

Halo: Reach releases via Halo: The Master Chief Collection on December 3, with the full bundle available for purchase at $39.99. Both the Microsoft Store and Steam are options for purchasing this PC version, though to qualify for the aforementioned music pack, playing on Steam is a requirement. Xbox Game Pass subscribers are also getting the collection’s games at launch.