The Extra Terrestrial Highway – Area 51

Residents of a town close to Area 51 have warned people not to attend a music festival being arranged by the organiser of a now-cancelled event to storm the US Air Force base.

The U.S. military was forced last month to issue a warning to two million people who had pledged to advance on the secretive military base in Nevada.

The plan – titled ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us’ and set for 3am on September 20 – was hatched on a Facebook group, with attendees pledging to ‘see them aliens’.

In a statement, the military said: ‘The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.’

The Facebook event has since been shut down – but the plan lives on in the form of Alienstock, a supposed ‘party in the desert’ set to take place in the nearby town of Rachel.

Organiser Matty Roberts and event producer the Hidden Sound are promising an ‘amazing experience’, but the town has warned visitors not to attend.

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A post on Rachel’s official Facebook page says: ‘The residents were not asked and are not on board and will certainly not allow their town to be taken over.

‘This has a high potential of getting ugly. Please consider visiting at another time.’

Area 51 is a top secret base where the American military has experimented with hi-tech aircraft such as spy planes, and opened in 1955.

There’s a 25-mile no-fly zone over the site, so it’s rarely been pictured from the air.

Washington only acknowledged that the base existed in 2013, following a Freedom of Information request.

It’s around 80 miles outside Las Vegas, and is clearly visible on Google satellite imagery, which has been pored over obsessively by UFO hunters looking for evidence of alien craft.

Rumours started spreading in the late 1980s that it was home to experiments on aliens, and it has since been immortalised in films – and is now a tourist destination.

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