GripBeats – Wearable Music Tech Translates Movement Into Sound
Or at least MIDI…      19/11/19

GripBeats is a wearable device that connects to your smart device or computer over Bluetooth, allowing you to use movement in the creative process. It sends MIDI over Bluetooth so can be used with hundred of different apps. 

The patent pending adaptable multi-instrument design makes use of 3-dimensional space, acceleration and direction as parameters to control your apps. GripBeats comes with its own App to allow you to create your own gesture-to-music configurations. 

GripBeats is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

 The Kickstarter campaign has already smashed its target of 7.7k so you had better be quick if you want to benefit from the saving to be made on the Kickstarter

More info at GripBeats