Victorville, Ca — Mr Kalifornia the new Westcoast Wave! Mr Kalifonia the new westcoast wave! The Westcoast Gfunk king is bringing What the west needs!The new debut single Gangmembers pt1 Is bringing the west To a higher level!

Break bread or fake dead! Representing The I.E (San Bernardino, ca) with roots from (Los angeles, ca) bringing unique sounds with inspiration from artists like Dr Dre, DJ quick, Too short, Nate Dogg and a younger sound 27 years young Mr Kalifornia continues the new wave of Westcoast sound!

From the debut mixtape, Black Flag Music Mr Kalifornia is the new wave of socal artists, from the Inlandempire to Los Angeles Mr Kalifornia is the embodiment of the westcoast!

Mr Kalifornia all platforms! Gangmembers pt1 Bringing the west coast to the next level!




Mr Kalifornia 27 years young Born in the Inland empire (San Bernardino, ca) Raised in Los Angeles ca is a west coast artist bringing the new generation of hiphop artists to the forefront.


Name: [email protected]
Address: 14469 rodeo dr, Victorville, Ca
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3235030030




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