Expressing his love for music and for the Hip Hop genre, HD Hooks gives it his all in his dynamic and inspirational new release, “We Keep it Down”.

New Orleans, Louisiana– December 12, 2021- An independent artist from New Orleans, HD Hooks is driven to soar to new heights and break all barriers, with his soul-stirring musical compositions. Boasting a roster that includes singles such as “Free Ride”, “Something She Can Feel”, “Give You All”, and others, the talented powerhouse is sending waves in the Rap and Hip Hop industry.

Currently looking forward to the release of his enigmatic new release titled, “We Keep it Down”, which is slated for release on December 10th, 2021, HD Hooks has all eyes upon him. The upcoming single has been curated independently by the artist and includes emotive and heartfelt song writing- something which he brings with himself to the beloved musical genre.

“We Keep it Down” has already been touted by listeners who got a sneak peek on the artist’s social media, and HD Hooks is confident that it will hit all the right notes. The single has already amassed all the attention, and is set to immerse listeners in a calm, carefree, and tranquil state of mind.

“When listeners hear my music, they always say you [are] going to make it big…I’m a fan…[your] music hits different,” says HD Hooks regarding his musical reception.

With each new track, HD Hooks hopes to cultivate a culture of inspiration through music, making every listener fall in love with the authenticity of Hip Hop. He also plans to attract the big leagues of music labels, sponsorships and partners- all driven by diligence to be good and become the best that Hip Hop has seen.

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K. Allen, better known by his artistic name HD Hooks, hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. A prolific singer, song writer, and artist, HD Hooks is also the C.E.O of the rising label, PELICAN STONERS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. Independently recording his musical compositions, HD Hooks has always had a passion for crafting authentic and original Hip Hop singles, entwining his narrative strength with dynamic rhythms.

When it comes to making music, the talented artist showcases an unparalleled creative energy creating singles that are not only exciting and catchy, but also rife with meaningful lyricism. Having followed his passion and heart’s way, HD Hooks has already released a number of high-quality songs that people would enjoy, with several other singles on SoundCloud for listeners to enjoy. Currently, the eclectic artist is looking forward to the release of another mixtape, aptly titled, “Slow Burn”.


HD Hooks
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