Taneytown, MD — Young, talented, and versatile artist from West Baltimore. The song is an insider of his troublesome upbringing on Linden&Lennox

Young and Talented 6ig Darius is giving an discription of his upbringing on an infamous and well known drug intersection in West Baltimore. From his point of view and experience. 6ig Darius teamed up with his childhood friend Thepopoutkidd to bring an in person experience of what it was like to grow up there.

“Trapping a scrimmage; cut it, bag it, then give it to my running back and he gifted”

Gives you an idea of the morale in the neighborhood.

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6ig Darius CEO of SAT (Settle Adjust Takeover) ent.

Album Tru$TORY vol1 coming sooon


6ig Darius
Name: Darius D Brown
Address: 26 Obrien avenue, Taneytown, MD
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4433015785
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