Veteran musician Prof. Victor Uwaifo says that “good and real musicians’’ must be able to play at least three musical instruments to be classified as musicians.
Uwaifo, a professor of arts, made the assertion when a delegation of the National Council of Arts and Culture visited his Revelation Tourists Palazzo Museum on Saturday in Benin.
The visit was part of activities to commemorate the 2019 edition of the National Festival of Arts and Culture.
Uwaifo said that a musician’s ability to play at least three musical instruments would distinguish such a musician in his music profession.
He said that due to technological advancements, some musicians only made use of computer facilities for musical production.
According to him, the dictionary defines a musician as someone who can play one or two musical instruments.
“I have always said this, if a musician is not able to study and play at least three musical instruments, there is a problem somewhere.
“I play a lot of musical instruments like guitar, xylophone, sax, keyboard and more. In fact, I make guitars. Years back, I made double-necked and revolving guitars.
“The younger musicians want to make money the easy way and they use computers for music production. Computer music is no music, playing life is the real one.
“When musicians with no academic background of music play music and they go off the line, they use the computer to re-align themselves. It is not proper.
“Musicians are to study music and take it seriously; they are not supposed to be carried away with technological advancements in making music. They need to learn the rudiments of music and arts.”
Uwaifo urged Nigerians to minimise their complaints on  negative musical content in as much as Nigerian youths embracing music were not constituting nuisance to the society.
He said that Nigerian contemporary musicians must be commended for the improved musical video and sound quality, due to technological advancements.
He said: “The issue of negative musical content would fade away over time but musicians should be commended for working for their money and staying off the road.’’
Uwaifo also told Nigerian musicians to imbibe the habit of investing their money wisely for future use and to aspire to be knowledgeable in their chosen careers.