15-year-old musician shot during police shootout released from hospital Thursday
15-year-old musician shot during police shootout released from hospital Thursday

CHICAGO — The 15-year-old Lane Tech musician shot during a police shootout last month was released from the hospital Thursday.

Rylan Wilder was working as an intern at UpBeat Music and Arts School, located in the 4300 block of W. Irving Park Rd., on Nov. 19 when he was shot.

It stemmed from an alleged robbery in Des Plaines and subsequent police chase into Chicago.

The family recently sued the surviving member of the alleged robbery.

Maurice Murphy, 32, is accused of driving the getaway car for Christopher Willis, 32, after he robbed a Des Plaines Bank of America branch. Willis was shot and killed by police.

Wilder had a total of seven surgeries and will have to return for intensive occupational therapy four to five times per week.

“Originally they predicted we would be in the hospital 6-10 weeks,” his parents wrote.

Read the entire note from the family’s GoFundMe page below:

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words. We are optimistic and know that a positive mindset is what is going to help Rylan get through this.

Just want to give you an update—feel free to share with anyone who asks. To date, Rylan has had 7 surgeries, with the latest one being a skin graft to cover the wound on the arm. They took skin from his left thigh to do this. His stomach is healing, and he is able to eat and drink (which was quite a relief after 8 days of no eating and drinking). The only thing he is attached to at this point is a wound vac that is helping ensure the skin from the donor sight sticks. Thursday afternoon, a portable one arrived that we were able to take home. Doctors released Rylan from the hospital Thursday evening. Throughout this entire experience, Rylan has been extremely resilient and goal oriented which we think is what enabled us to go home—originally they predicted we would be in the hospital 6-10 weeks.

Now, we begin with all the follow-up appointments. He has another surgery next week and possibly one the following week. He will also be required to return for intensive occupational therapy 4-5 days a week. We are in the process of figuring that all out. We have names of some great people that have been recommended to us.

Thank you to all who have reached out to us. It has been really encouraging to have so many people keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. We are so appreciative.

Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, and the hospital staff/volunteers that have seen Rylan over the past two and a half weeks. You are all amazing, we couldn’t have asked for better care.

Lucia and Tom