Nigerian music icon and song writer,  Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2baba has recently released a new single, ‘Important’ and it needs more weight to fly better.

The 44-year-old Afropop legend has established his status as the king of African music, however, the business of music is tricky. There were days audiences rushed to listen to new music from the maestro and felt the soul blasting through the speakers.

His music still pops but it is beginning to lack soul. This is evident in his newest song, ‘Important’.

The song, which is a fusion of Dancehall, Reggaeton, Boogaloo and Afropop tries to enlighten the audience with its lyrics on challenges of life.

It encourages them to be strong and keep going but not in the soulful way 2baba has had us accustomed to.

It is important to applaud the Africanism portrayed in the music video with the costumes and dance used to pass the message across. The song is  also partly sung in his native dialect, highlighting its Nigerianness. Still, there is something missing that is hard to place but easily felt.

The lyrics try to encourage the audience never to downgrade their self-worth even in the face of challenges because everything in life has value. This is clearly gotten from the first hook.

The lyrics go, “All my guys are ballers, all my guys none of them be hand fallers, all of them na sharp callers, because e no matter where you come from……..”

Conversely, the music centres on human rights but lacks direction to some extent as the first verse is not in line with the second verse.

The first verse emphasizes encouragement to the audience while the second verse talks about the politicians and their deceit.

It should be noted that the society has been infested with moral decadence in so many ways, musicians must discontinue to communicate ideas through their music without using some sort of vulgar languages.

They should stop showcasing obscene content in their music projects, especially when they are talking about delicate issues.

2baba, on the newly released single ‘Important’, used vulgar language to explain an idea that he can actually use a more decent language, thereby misleading some of the audience and deviating from the real meaning and purpose of the song.

Admittedly, 2baba has proven to be a true legend that he is by releasing another meaningful song with rich lyrical content, quality sound and good production.

However, his lyrics and visuals do not focus on the issues being talked about, that has to do with the society and the future of the country.

Some listeners might not be properly carried along and consequentially not get the real message behind the song. (NAN