The 2nd Annual Bernice Magalnick Children’s Theatre Festival, presented by Frank Sanchez Musicals, returns to New York on October 12 with three, new family-friendly musicals: Seven Princesses the Musical, The President’s New Suit, and I See… I See… The musicals, appropriate for ages 4 and up, will be performed by both up-and-coming singers and seasoned pros at Pearl Studios in Manhattan. 

“The goal of the festival is to bring new work to life and give it wings for further developed into stage productions so they can delight children everywhere. Audiences will get a behind-the-scenes look of how some of the musicals they love also got their start.”

This year’s festival celebrates the readings of three fresh works. Seven Princesses the Musical is based on the original children’s storybook, Seven Princesses and the Flower Party. Princess Gracie from Antarctica discovers hosting a flower party for her six princess friends from other continents can lead to a few challenges and an eye-opening lesson about diversity and friendship. Author, Kathy Weimar, will be signing storybooks after the performance. The President’s New Suit is based on the classic children’s story The Emperor’s New Clothes, The President’s New Suit is a hysterical retelling of an absent-minded president who spends the country’s budget on new suits. I See… I See… is based on a Greek folktale, I See… I See… is a “nutty” musical about an apple farmer, Almondseed, and his daughter, Almondella, who travel to see the king and use magical powers to see the future.

The festival will be held on October 12, from 11 am-3 pm, at Pearl Studios, at 500 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Tickets are available at the door or for ticket reservations, please call 516-621-3171.  Note: Readings will not include costumes or props.

For more information, contact Frank Sanchez Musicals at [email protected] or Kathy Weimar of at [email protected]

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