Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, Philippines — Glenn W Love Releases New Single “Baby Boomers Lament”

A reflective and humorous song about the joys of aging

This heartfelt tune takes listeners on a musical journey through the ups and downs of growing older. With poignant lyrics  catchy melody  and a solid rock beat, this track resonates deeply with anyone who’s ever faced their own personal battles with aging.

“My goal was to create a composition that not only entertains but makes people think,” says Glenn W Love. “As we grow older, life becomes increasingly uncertain. We all experience loss, health issues, family struggles…the list goes on. However, the beauty lies within how we navigate those hurdles and I love to do it with a smile one my face.”

The veteran musician draws inspiration from genres as diverse as rock ‘n roll, punk , alternative pop, and blues.

His unique approach to songwriting creates an authentic atmosphere that touches souls worldwide.

Love has aimed this song  both at Baby Boomers to help them remember that life was good and fun and their kids, to show them hey, mum  and dad were  once cool too.

You can listen to Baby  Boomers Lament one Spotify





Glenn W Love is an Australian singer-songwriter who at the age of 70 continues to write heartfelt and honest guitar-driven rock and pop songs. Drawing influence from artists such as The Eels, REM and Neil Young, Modest Mouse and The Black Keys, Love has created his own unique sound that has been described as brave and honest in its reflections on Love and the challenges that life sometimes throws us.


Glenn W Love
Name: Glenn W Love
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Phone: +63 917 126 9836


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