With the release of his stirring single, “Face Every Challenge with Confidence”, David Browne encourages listeners to beat all odds and keep moving forward

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom — December 6th, 2021- Cognizant of the reality that people in our world today are facing a host of challenges in their own life trajectories, rising songwriter David Browne has penned a soul-stirring release, titled, “Face Every Challenge with Confidence’.

A Classical musical treat, the new single breaks away from mainstream fixation on drugs, alcohol, and sexual themes to shed light on the vision that matters. A meaningful and rhythmic track, “Face Every Challenge with Confidence” follows up on the artist’s several orchestral music releases under the purview of his ‘Rules to Success Learning Tool Project’.

Collaborating with Jon Cotton at Artisan Studios in the UK, and contemporary producer Phil Mountford, David Browne produced his dynamic music recordings. One chapter in the artist’s Learning Tool Project, the new single has been featured on BBC Radio, and was unveiled on 12th October, 2021 on the artist’s official platforms.

Over the years, David Browne has continually expanded his vision, following up on his desires of creating his original music works with a ‘world class orchestra’. His stirring offerings plan to make use of a huge production scene, using 75 musicians, delivering a movie soundtrack style presentation of his music works.

“It is my hope that my music release ‘Face Every Challenge with Confidence’ will inspire and encourage people around the world to… Never give up! Keep moving forward and…
Face Every Challenge with Confidence!” says David Browne regarding his musical release.

Support the ‘Rules to Success learning Tool Project’ by downloading a copy of ‘Face Every Challenge with Confidence which is available worldwide. Visit David Browne’s website on Amazing Radio.com and you can also purchase any of more than 60 products available from the online store. To learn more about the artist’s ‘Rules to Success Learning Tool Project’, visit his Facebook Page.



Hailing from Birmingham, UK, David Browne is a talented artist, composer, and entrepreneur who has years of experience diligently working for the local communities around him, aware of the many challenges they face.

Growing up, the artist was inspired by a range of artists, including Gospel artists such as, The Winnans Family, Fred Hammond, and secular artists Michael Jackson, The Commodores, Barry Manalow, Take That and many more. Trying his own hand at music, the artist composed several orchestral music pieces for his ‘Rules to Success Learning Tool Project’, guiding listeners using his powerful messages.

Enshrining the importance of education as a pathway to dreams, the Learning Tool includes: Rules to Success Learning Tool Book (screenplay), Rules to Success with ‘Coach Dave’ video series, Rules to Success collection of orchestral music recordings, Rules to Success Music Library of sheet music from easy play to full orchestration and the Rules to Success Online Product Store. David Browne released the first of a collection of his orchestral music recordings ‘Face Every Challenge with Confidence’ on 12th October 2021.


David Browne
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