With their characteristic 1980s aesthetic, rippled with the passionate undertones of Alternative music, One Million Fuzztone Guitars/Skin Patrol mesmerize audiences

Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom — Re-emerging within the Alternative realm with their soul-striking mix of Psychedelic Garage Rock and instrumental brilliance, One Million Fuzztone Guitars/Skin Patrol exude their own dynamic vibe. Back with a new single, ‘New Rock Section,’ the eclectic artists mark their creative rebirth.

Magnetizing the masses, the seasoned artists complement ‘New Rock Section’ with a remastered version of the lost LP ‘Everything’s Happening’ on all streaming services. One Million Fuzztone Guitars has had a legendary run ever since they released one album and two singles on the Manchester record label ‘Monsters in Orbit’ in the post-punk 1980s avenue and then disappeared until 2014 when they featured in Julian Copes’s book ‘131.’

The original Skin Patrol went through many line-up and stylistic changes before becoming “One Million Fuzztone Guitars”, after a brief rehearsal period known as “The Graveyard”. The riveting collective released two singles “Heaven b/w Annuese” and “Men’s Hearts b/w Creepy Crawl” and an LP “(Roman, I Have Some Bad News for You) 26″ before they disbanded.

Rebranded as One Million Fuzztone Guitars/Skin Patrol, the talented artists’ stories got renewed in divergent ways. Rehearsals for live gigs provided the listeners with a wealth of new and reworked material, building onto the current single ‘New Rock Section’ and the re-mastered lost album ‘Everything’s Happening’.

While 100 coveted copies of the original vinyl version exist, the remaining records of the initial pressing of 1000 are presumed lost. Recorded as a follow-up to ’26,’ One Million Fuzztone Guitars’ tapes were only recently found, remastered, and released this month.

Since 1988, Robert Courtney has been immersed in the film industry, working on ‘Hardware’ with Richard Stanley, making album covers for Pink Floyd, ‘Division Bell’ and others with Model Solutions, designing Tarot cards, ‘Sunatarot’ in Paris, staging fashion shows for Vivienne Westwood in Paris and New York and formed the band Doll (a favorite of Debbie Harry) with fashion designer Pam Hogg.

Comparingly, the other ingenious members of the band developed their own stories in various parts of the world.

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Skin Patrol became One Million Fuzztone Guitars in 1981 and released two singles “Heaven / Annuese,” “Men’s Hearts / Creepy Crawl” and an LP “26″ all now remastered and re-released on Cherry Red Records. The talented artists continue to record and release new material on TuneCore/BMI.

Robert Courtney, One Million Fuzztone guitars/Skin Patrol founder member, composer, guitarist, and singer was born in the UK, surviving an early childhood in Jamaica and Guernsey, and Art School.

The artist first recorded Music in 1976 at Trent School of Art, using a multi-tracked Classical Guitar and local Cathedral organ played using his own systems-based notation through an H&H Echo Unit at various speeds, and field-based recordings of journeys, water, and electronic household objects. This led to the punk rock group Cycle Annie.


Robert Courtney/One Million Fuzztone Guitars/Skin Patrol
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