This seven-piece consortium of musical singles leads the audience on a journey through many musical worlds.

Brugge, West Vlaander, Belgium — 4th November 2022- Roy Andrews is a new up-and-coming artist who aspires to create music that syncs with his multifarious and diverse taste in different genres to create a uniquely creative space for all those that enjoy listening to music that caters to a variety of different shades of their emotions. The rising star wholeheartedly believes in the idea that music is a universalistic and whole mode of connecting with the masses.

Roy has used his extensive musical experience to create new music that stands distinctively from all others. His deep passion for music has helped spurn a new project that envisions using music as a tool for emotional expression and deep reflection. Interestingly, this tool uses different types of genres to help listeners connect with the different events in life that he wishes to talk about.

‘Seven’ is one of the many musical works that was written in March 2020 under the first COVID lockdown in Europe. These seven songs were produced, recorded, and mixed in seven days in an extraordinary bought of creativity. The quiet chaos of the pandemic was what helped Roy truly gather these thoughts to create music that the world needed at that precise moment. The world needed to listen to songs that reverted to the mundane, everyday context that had so abruptly been taken away from them.

“New Day”, “First Coffee”, “Family Time”, and “Breakfast At Work”, are just some of the singles that tap into everyday emotions and imbibe them with eccentric musical tunes that elevate the musical experience of the audience. Roy’s use of several different musical genres which include experimental music, funk, jazz, and progressive rock help showcase his musical method. For the composer, musical visions extend above and beyond discrete categories within art. They should quite literally stem from the heart.

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Roy Andrews is a saxophonist, composer, songwriter, and music producer all in one. The artist has spent more than 30 years on stage in many places in the world performing with many people over time and learning from those experiences simultaneously. The musician could have been heard accompanying such musicians as Rock ‘n’ Roy, Rafał Rękosiewicz, Magda Piskorczyk, Straight Ahead, Band, Rob Tognioni(Australia), Sir Oliver Mally(Austria), Sebi Lee(Belgium), Los Potatos, Danny Boy Experience, Big Fat Mama, Cedric Burnside(USA), Dave Herrero(USA), Bobbie Mercy Oliver(USA), NieBoNie and many others.

Each musical performance has helped Roy understand the type of musical composition that he is interested in and wishes to imbibe into his production. This meticulously well-thought process over the years has culminated in the extraordinary music that we see today. For all those in search of soul-fulfilling music, this is the one pit stop that will keep them hooked for hours on end!


Roy Andrews
Name: Roy Andrews
Address: Vuldersstraat, 116, Brugge, West Vlaander, Belgium
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +32477822176




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