“Diamonds” is a unique mix of both mainstream and indie music that lands the message of unity in the world in innovative ways.

Smithville, Texas — March 27th 2022-Heidi Little’s newest hit single “Diamonds” has both great melodies and catchy hooks that relay the realities of the humanitarian issues of today such as war in a remarkably creative way. It is through this single that the eclectic artist wishes to bring in more love, care and respect for all human relations is a world mired with differences.

The song came from a harrowing dream Little had of a mama and baby bear being chased by a hunter. At the time of recording at the Blue Ocean Studios, in San Antonio, Texas, this was the only song out of three full iphones that fully came through and resonated with the artist. Through this year’s most powerful musical contribution in mainstream and indie music, the rising star hopes to unite mainstream and independents for the greater good in music and the arts through her vision of music.

Little has written songs with some of the greatest from the era of the 60’s and is fortunate enough to call these first wavers of peaceful music and movement building her friends and peers. They are leaving the musician with many stories, much advice, and shoulders to stand on, from Artie Kornfeld (Whom Heidi wrote The Spirit of the Woodstock Nation for) to Joni Mitchel’s publisher Artie Wayne there are few whose hearts Little has not yet touched.

The inspiring artist’s music and energy has supported every great movement of the past two decades: Idle No More, World Peace and Prayer Day, Earth Day, the children’s movement, and the International Children’s Month and The Children’s Global Wave of Love. This has fueled the musician’s ambition for the type of music that she produces.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube as well as on Spotify the following link https://open.spotify.com/artist/7MgB1jV6uo6RhLdF2AH5FX?si=wb5icumQqSO0y9NLo_yjA. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interview, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected]. As “Diamonds” releases we rise, heart centered, and here we grow!




Little is an award winning, indie chart topping singer/songwriter, a mother, the director for International Children’s Month, WE, The World, children and youth theme. The star is also an entertainment event and marketing manager, conscious television producer (omnipresent media on ROKU and Apple TVOS), author of 14 books on Social Emotional Learning and the founder of The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning.

Born and raised in Canada, and calling Texas her homelands for the past 16 years, Little has an interesting outlook on the world that has helped her produce over a thousand shows and nine albums in with her music career. The singer’s devotion to her craft is displayed by her overwhelming presence behind every humanitarian movement celebrated in opening royal ceremonies, iconic music venues, events and stadiums, campfire contributions, not for profits and workshops.

This multi-tasking anomaly is a powerhouse of energy diligently devoted to a central message of universality. Alongside the release of this aspiring artist’s hit new single in May, you can catch little this summer live at The Bastrop Music Festival June 17rh, and at The Texas Music River Ranch regaling listeners with soulful melodies and beautiful messages.


Heidi Little
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