Tuesday, 22 October 2019, 2:26 pm
Press Release: SAE Creative Media Institute

SAE Creative Media
Institute (SAE Auckland) is proud to partner with industry
leaders to deliver a packed programme of music workshops,
seminars and panel presentations during the next month,
hosted by Recorded Music New Zealand.

First up is the
New Zealand Music Producer Series (NZMPS),
sponsored by SAE Auckland, followed by the Recorded
Music Tui Music Series – happening across both
Auckland and Wellington and featuring public seminars at SAE

“It’s an easy alignment,” explains SAE
Auckland Campus Director Dr Suzette Major. “These
initiatives and events are highly professional and highly
relevant to our SAE qualifications.”

New Zealand Music Producers

NZMPS, hosted by Recorded Music New Zealand
and curated by producer Greg Haver, brings
internationally renowned producers and engineers to New
Zealand to work with the country’s best studio
professionals over a four-day recording and mixing workshop
at Roundhead Studios in Auckland.

“SAE has proudly been
sponsoring the NZMPS for three years now,” says SAE
Auckland Industry Liaison Dave Johnston.
“Greg has done a fantastic job growing the series

something that’s now a staple event on the calendar
for the professional music producer community around the

Visiting producers for 2019 are
Andrew Scheps and Mark
Rankin, who will each conduct a four-day recording
and mixing session at Roundhead. Both are internationally
lauded award-winning producers and engineers. Scheps’
impressive portfolio includes work with Red Hot Chili
Peppers, Adele, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Beyonce, Green
Day, Lana Del Rey, Justin Timberlake, U2 and Jay-Z.
Rankin’s back catalogue is similarly jaw-dropping –
having worked with Adele, Queens of the Stone Age, Foster
the People, Florence and the Machine, Iggy Pop and Bloc

SAE Auckland has this year awarded a number of
scholarships for people to attend the events, and in 2018
offered scholarships for women/gender minorities in an
effort to improve accessibility and engagement.

so important to us that more women are entering into these
creative spaces historically dominated by men,” says Dr
Major. “Supporting more women to attend such world-class
events as the NZMPS is something we at SAE Auckland are
committed to.”

NZMPS founder Greg Haver is delighted
that 2019 boasts the highest numbers of female applicants to
date. “SAE Auckland have been a long time supporter of the
series and – as well as the New Zealand Music Commission
and all our sponsors – have actively encouraged diversity
in this area.”

Andrew Scheps and Mark Rankin are also
participating in two sold-out public seminars in
conversation with Greg Haver, as part of the Tui Music
Series at Roundhead Studios. Rankin will be joined by
songwriter/producer Joel Little who has worked with the
likes of Lorde and Taylor Swift.

Music Tui Music Series

SAE Auckland is also a
proud partner of the annual Recorded Music Tui Music
Series, the annual seminar series that celebrates
the craft of music production in the lead-up to the VNZMA
Artisan Awards.

A selection of free seminars are taking
place around the country, with two sessions hosted by SAE
Auckland in the campus film studio: Music Filmmaker Seminar
on Wednesday 30 October and the Music Designer Seminar on
Wednesday 6 November.

“The Tui Series features public
seminars focusing on the wider aspects of the music industry
such as video production, artwork and design,” says Dave
Johnston. “We’re pleased to also be hosting these events
on campus at SAE Auckland for our students, graduates and
the wider public to enjoy.”

Each session features an
array of award-winning talent prepared to share their
experiences, tools of the trade and industry secrets. The
Filmmaker seminar features SAE Auckland’s Enrolment
Officer Swap Gomez speaking about his film work and making
music videos for his band Yoko-Zuna.

Private seminars are
also being held at SAE to connect SAE students, alumni and
staff with world-class industry practitioners. “As a part
of our arrangement with the NZMPS, we’ve been able to bring
these legendary producers to the SAE Auckland campus for
exclusive seminars to our students and graduates,”
Johnston says. “These provide inspiration for the next
generation of audio and music production

With 2019 the first year that SAE
Auckland has offered specific Music Production courses,
student interest in and access to these globally renowned
producers is significant. “The calibre of the
international guests is just phenomenal,” Johnston says.

For more information on the NZ Music Producers Series,
click here.

For more information on the
Recorded Music Tui Music Series, click here.


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