A talented Jazz fusion saxophonist, Eric Thomas is blurring the line between genres as he magnetizes with “Love Let Me Be”- his first official song since 2011

Atlanta, Georgia —September 12th, 2023 – Released on September 8, 2023, “Love Let Me Be” is a memorable new offering by Eric Thomas, the trailblazing jazz fusion saxophonist hailing from Atlanta. An artist known for erasing the boundaries between jazz and hip hop, Eric’s new chill hop creation is a testament to his ingenious ability to meld diverse musical elements into an exquisite harmonious whole.

With “Love Let Me Be,” Eric unveils the first glimpse of his forthcoming EP, slated for release in November 2023. This new musical venture promises a tapestry woven with emotion and sound, further cementing Eric Thomas’s position as a luminary in contemporary music. The new single extends an invitation to experience love through the lens of a world-class musician, setting the stage for what is poised to be an extraordinary EP.

Transcending boundaries, Eric Thomas’s musical journey takes an exciting turn with the latest release, which marks his first official release since 2011. This chill hop masterpiece serves as a captivating bridge between the realms of jazz and hip hop, allowing listeners to embark on a sonically diverse voyage.

“Love Let Me Be” serves as an enticing teaser for his upcoming EP, a project slated to showcase his evolving genius in November 2023. The forthcoming EP is itself set to become a testament to his unparalleled creativity and prowess. Inspired by isolation, this EP encapsulates Eric’s continuous need for innovation and exploration. Collaborating with his band and talented vocalists, the eclectic artist is set to deliver a five-song experience that challenges conventions and defies categorization.

Beyond recurring performances, he recently graced the spotlight as a featured artist on the Club Hertz Stage at the renowned Alliance Theater in Atlanta. As he prepares to release a five-song EP, Eric’s continues to satiate his unyielding need to discover fresh musical avenues.

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Eric Thomas’s profound musical impact has been felt since the release of his debut album “Take It Easy” in 2011. Hailing from Miami, Eric’s saxophone talents transcend genres, merging hip hop, jazz, R&B, soul, and funk into a dynamic and genre-defying sound. His diverse influences range from the legendary Sonny Rollins to the iconic A Tribe Called Quest, showcasing his remarkable ability to fuse varied musical elements into his creations.

Currently, Eric is a resident musician at the esteemed Starling Hotel, where his performances have become a cherished fixture in Atlanta’s vibrant music scene. Eric’s music goes beyond the conventional, transcending cultural and stylistic boundaries. His compositions, shaped in dreams or energized through collaborations with his band and vocalists like Saphira Troy Barnes and Nadia Holder, reflect a universal language of emotions.


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