Titled “No More Rich and Poor,” The Papers’ new record showcases compelling lyricism that spans Reggae, Alternative, and Pop music

EXETER, Devon, United Kingdom — October 30th, 2022 – With the release of their new record, ‘No More Rich and Poor’ on November 14th, 2022, The Papers shed light upon a pertinent societal problem. With an ingenious storytelling style and unique instrumentation, the artist echo a distinctive flavor of Reggae, Rock, and Pop music emanating from Brixton in London.

The Papers consist of John Fitzsimons (who is on lead vocals and guitar), Mike Fitzsimons (who covers vocals and bass), Norman Marsh (who plays the drums), Paul Smail (who plays Keyboards), and Rob Bright (on lead guitar). The group’s new EP was composed and recorded in Devon, United Kingdom, at the iconic Copps Studio in 2021.

A disruptive group in the Pop and Alternative scene, The Papers’ music instills within audiences a sense of justice, camaraderie, and community, built on the shared experience of trying to live life well. The group counts Bob Marley as a strong influence (with one of his tracks featuring on the EP, ‘Get up Stand up), as well as Ian Drury and The Blockheads and John Lennon.

The eclectic band remains motivated to create original and meaningful songs about the lives of underprivileged communities and bring attention to environmental issues. Their inspiration for giving back stems mainly from their humble origins on the estates of London, struggling for recognition.

“We are all responsible to each other and can work together to achieve a better life for everyone, in terms of our own lives, the wider community and the environment. Our environment is our life space, our love for each other and the thing that sustains us,” say the artists.

Apart from their music ventures, The Papers also support organizations that strive for environmental sanity, such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. They aim to reach a million streams with their original musical compositions and intend to drop two new singles next year and an album!

Stream The Papers’ new EP, ‘No More Rich and Poor,’ on all music streaming platforms! Follow the artists on social media and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations. The group is also booked for 2023 to perform at gigs and festivals.




The Papers is a phenomenal musical act with singers hailing from Orpington, drummers from Wandsworth, and bass players based in Brighton. Inking a marvelous trajectory with their music, the artists are influenced by the Ska, Reggae, and Punk sound of groups such as The Police, The Clash, and The Specials.

Signed by Maison Rouge Studios (led by Ian Anderson), The Papers recorded 30+ new songs in late-night sessions, drawing the attention of Panache Music, which signed them for publishing. The artists’ first single, “How Many More” on Radioactive Records, marked their first hit with a splash on the London indie chart and garnered airplay across the globe and plaudits from Radio 1 DJ Mike Read and John Peel. A UK tour saw the group play at iconic venues and events, including Glastonbury, and at the Rock Garden, The Marquee, and The Greyhound Fulham. Internationally, The Papers have performed in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Seattle and continue to win the hearts and minds around the world.



The Papers
Name: John Fitzsimons
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