Atlanta, Georgia —Shattered Signs & Deadly Sins is the debut album from actor, singer & songwriter Cody Carrera. Comprised of material from his two EPs Fire & The “Witch” Chronicles with three additional new songs, the album maintains Cody’s metaphorical writing & imagery.

Written biographically, Shattered Signs & Deadly Sins also uses the theme from the Fire EP with each song corresponding to an Astrological Sign. The album plays like a grandiose musical with Beautiful Disaster being the “Act One” finale song and What Are We? serving as the catalyst for the start of “Act Two”. It even has a spoken word epilogue to conclude the story of the album.

The album is dripped in dark metaphors & religious imagery with haunting string arrangements juxtaposed with club banging hooks. The lyrics which all have a “connective tissue” with each other ask numerous, tough questions to the listener like “Now I’m questioning if God is even there or am I just talking to air?” or “Part of me wonders, If you’d care if I’d pass. Would you even miss me, Could you even get through the days?” “Why” is a central theme to the story.

Another major theme and inspiration? The Salem Witch Trails. Being called a “witch” mentioned in the songs Slander and Get in Line and “Witchcraft” being in the title of the song Witchcraft on Your Lips is an overarching theme of the album and plays into the title of “Deadly Sins”. “I’ve always been thought of as the outsider” laments Cody. “I was bullied growing up in school” (so much so he was pulled out of high school and homeschooled graduating with his high school diploma and Associates degree before moving to New York to pursue his career.) “I’m a big history buff and always related to The Salem Witch Trials. Being accused and murdered for something everyone was calling you that you aren’t, that inspired my song Slander, which is about gossip. This album- it’s for all the outsiders out there.” The last two songs, which are the more “uplifting” of the bunch gives the listener hope to carry on. Catch the Light, which has a feature with upcoming dark pop artist ML Moseley tells of making the most of the time we have left and not to waste it. Fire, which concludes the album is about rebirth in finding someone new, even if that’s yourself. “Fire has always been a symbol of rebirth. I’m also a fire sign (Carrera is a Leo), so I though it was fitting to end the album that way. Through all the pain, you’re renewed.” Carrera concludes. Shattered Signs & Deadly Sins is available everywhere October 28th, 2022. CDs and Vinyl are also available on Carrera’s official website:



Cody Carrera was born in Plantation, Florida. At six years old, Cody and his family moved to the small town of Murphy, North Carolina. While in North Carolina, Cody attend Stagedoor Manor, a prestigious performing arts summer camp. Cody graduated with his high school diploma and Associates Degree. To pursue his interest in acting and performing he decided to move to New York City and attended an acting program. Cody then decided it was time for him to move out to LA to pursue his career. Cody first appeared in the “Glee” episode The Sue Sylvester Shuffle as the “Waterboy” on the field next to “Coach Beiste” in Season Two. He also appeared in a few other episodes of “Glee.” Cody then went on to appear in numerous other film and television projects.

Cody’s debut EP “Fire” was released in November 2017. “Fire” is a five song concept and visual EP with each song representing one or two of the Seven Deadly Sins and a Horoscope sign. It has themes of love, loss, death, depression, religion, self reflection and acceptance. Cody wrote all the songs on the EP. Each song has an accompanying music video, which makes a short film entitled “Here.” In October 2018 Cody’s Music Video for his first single “Your Sin” won “Best Music Video” at the Official Latino Short Film Festival. The same month he released his second EP entitled “The “Witch” Chronicles.” “The “Witch” Chronicles” is a three song DJ mix style EP with rock influences, but still contains Cody’s metaphorical writing style.

His debut album “Shattered Signs & Deadly Sins” is set for release on October 28th, 2022.



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